EA Pitches Us Battlefield: Bad Company

At EA's New York event today, the Gawker video crew got a quick look at Battlefield: Bad Company for Xbox 360/PS3. What's EA's big pitch? Destructible environments. We've heard it before-here's hoping that Bad Company is more than just shooting barrels and blowing holes in walls textured with only certain types of brick.

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tethered3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

That guy needs to cut back on the Cocaine.

The game sounds fun.

mighty_douche3777d ago

I just want a realistic release date. No more false hope!

Jdoki3777d ago

This game didn't even figure on my radar until I saw a few videos of it in action on YouTube.

Could possibly be amazing, but will it be enough to drag me away from CoD4 multiplayer!

Martini3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

If you can't wait and are one of the lucky ones :) with 360 then frontlines fuel of war will help to carry you over until BF comes out, check the video below.

Jdoki3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Good point. I've not really paid much attention to Frontline either. Will give it a download tonight.

It seems unless an FPS has the words Infinity Ward somewhere in the credits I'm just not interested at the moment!!!

Must refocus on the new FPS games coming out!!!

Merritt3777d ago

Yeah, I have to download that multiplayer demo for Frontlines. Looks pretty fantastic. This new Battlefield game has me worried...not much talk of the multiplayer, too much of the single player.

Plus what's with these war games and the supposed dark sense of humour? Conflict: Denied Ops, Army of Two, and now this one? Is it really that funny?

Jdoki3777d ago

Yeah, I thought 'War was Hell', not fun! :)

Perhaps we're desensitised to the point where violence really is funny!

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