Dead Rising In Trouble Over Dawn Of The Dead Similarities

The MKR Group (owners of the copyright to George Romero's Dead films) and New Line Cinema have seen Dead Rising, and do not like what they see. Ever since the game's release, MKR and Capcom have been in discussions aimed at resolving what MKR see in Dead Rising as a premise and setting a little too close to Dawn of the Dead for their liking. It's why, for example, the game's box features the disclaimer "This game was not developed, approved or licensed by the owners or creators of George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead".

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sonarus3780d ago

of all the zombie movies i think i like dawn of the dead best and i remember when i first played this game i was like WHOA what a rip off. I really dnt see how capcom can get out of this cus the similarities are CRAZY. Not like capcom hasnt done zombies before but the similarities in this one are too much for capcom not to expect some backlash

Winter47th3780d ago

I actually bought Dead Rising because i loved Dawn of the Dead, didn't think of it as a rip-off, but i considered it more of an influence or a tribute to how awesome the flick was.

sonarus3780d ago

well i love zombie games loved dawn of the dead and i definetly enjoyed the game more cus of the similarities but i knew there would be backlash for capcom.

sticky doja3780d ago

I couldn't agree more. I thought it was and is a great tribute to a great film.

solidt123779d ago

Dead Rising is a great game inspired by dawn of the dead which is a great zombie movie. It is just like the movie in many ways but that ok for me.

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TrevorPhillips3780d ago

the movies awesome the games awesome capcoms awesome and the creator of dawn of the dead is awesome thats all i have to say to it :D

ZackMorris9153780d ago

Give me Bubbles , please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr Pepper3780d ago

I hate it when people beg for bubbles. Start making quality posts (and bring something relevant to the topic instead of "Give me Bubbles , please!!!!!!!!!!!!!") and you will get them.

Aleusia3779d ago

No, in fact I shall take them away.

Mercutio3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

is being punished for its sins agaisnt the Playstation 3 owners..

I really need bubbles guys, the war took its toll on me...

Veteran asking for help!

Silellak3780d ago

If you want bubbles, stop making fanboy comments in the Gamer Zone.

Mercutio3780d ago

Don't tell me you didn't see the two dots at the end of my comment.
JOKE man, lol

Silellak3780d ago

I wasn't aware "two dots" was the secret internet code for "what followed before this statement was a joke."

Apparently I don't have the latest Internet Lingo Handbook.

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