G4: ZombiU Hands-on Preview -- Loot Your Zombie Self

G4 writes:
As we learned in our latest hands-on look at ZombiU, there is much more planning and strategy involved in killing your past zombified self than you might think.

Neonridr1278d ago

I can't wait. 18 more days, hurry up already!

This game has so much hype surrounding it, I just hope the single player game lasts long enough or has some bonus incentives to play through a 2nd time.

As for the Multiplayer, have they ever stated how many people can play? Is it strictly just 2 people playing? Would be nice if you could have the Gamepad player spawning enemies and then up to 4 players to fight the zombies. Would seem like a perfect 5 player multiplayer experience.

Dr_Salvitor1278d ago

I think they said something About an after game thing. I know for a fact there will be a mode were if you die once you have to restart the hole game.

As for Multiplayer i think they said something about it being only 1v1 or 2v1

DEZn00ts1278d ago

You DO mean console play right? Cause i know your not that stupid.

Neonridr1278d ago

who are you talking to? Of course we're talking about the console, I'm confused.

Dr_Salvitor1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

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