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Battlefront 3 and Star Wars 1313 release excitement renewed

InEntertainment says: Today has certainly been a day we will remember because not only did we see the release of Assassin’s Creed 3 and being told by Rockstar that Grand Theft Auto V will be released in the Spring 2013, we now have news that Disney has bought LucasFilms for the sum of $4 billion. (Disney, PC, PS3, Star Wars, Xbox 360)

XXXL  +   974d ago
I never thought I'd say this but thank god for Disney. Anything Lucas related has been mismanaged for so long I was completely over their properties. Now with Disney I'm hoping they get back on track here.
aiBreeze  +   974d ago
Lets hope they take the Star Wars brand in the right direction. To get back on track, just give us a new Jedi Knight game please. If they want to go one step further for the fans, instead of making a Jedi Knight game, make a Sith Warrior game and base it on the Darth Bane trilogy.
DA_SHREDDER  +   974d ago
The series hasn't been in the right direction since the 80's. Though I did love Battlefront, KOTOR 1 and 2 and Force Unleashed 2 was good, even if it was short.
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Qrphe  +   974d ago
I honestly don't care about the games to be honest; they can release a couple more Kinect Star Wars games and MMOs and I'd be unfazed. However, only 70s George Lucas could ever pull another good Star Wars trilogy. They should leave the actual series as they are and stop ruining the legend it used to be.
THE_MACGREGOR  +   974d ago
Id love to see an HD remake of Shadows of the Empire ( you know that game rocked ) id love to see it built from the ground up with the engine from the last game
also jedi academy.
Ashunderfire86  +   974d ago
Oh Hell yea!!! Lets hope Disney do this right!!! I don't really have nothing against Disney. I like their Amusement parks and would be more than happy if they were to hire me for game development. Think about it!!! If Disney were to hire you for game design would you refuse it? Even if you don't like Disney take the job anyway to get the experience, then quit when you find something different.

I really hope they will bring back BattleFront 3!!! Fingers cross.
Pintheshadows  +   974d ago
Considering what they have done with Marvel so far (Iron Man 3 looks fantastic) i'm incredibly optimistic. Battlefront 3, a new Jedi Knight, KOTOR, a sequel to Grim Fandango, an Indy game. They could do so much.

I have a feeling this purchase was in response to John Carter being a huuuge flop. Disney wanted to create an epic sci-fi phenomenon, failed, and so instead they decided to buy the biggest IP in film.

Fair play Disney.
paydayp  +   974d ago
am i the only one hoping they use all off disney assets for a new kingdom hearts?
imagine how many characters they can use from lucas, marvel, pixar, disney and square.
and how many different worlds they can create. i hope they make it happen!
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   974d ago
Honestly I don't want Maevel or Star Wars in KH. For now yey should keep it atrictly classic Disney and maybe pixar.
Qrphe  +   974d ago
Tron was enough, I really hope they keep all their Live Action series out of KH for good.
aiBreeze  +   974d ago
What games have Disney made though that have been good? Do they even make games or just sell off the IP rights?
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Irishguy95  +   974d ago
I didn't disagree....

but here's how it is. Lucasarts make bad business decisions gaming wise. Back in the day(Before this gen) they made good ones for us. Kotor became TOR. Jedi knight series ditched. Kotor 2 was literally thrown out the door for Christmas. It wasn't finished, Lucasarts would not let Obsidian finish. Battlefront 3 is nonexistent.

Now, Disney, while i'm not a fan of KH myself, they at least supported some new and kept it up all the way till now. Maybe(HOPEFULLY) they'll listen to what the fans want and give us the games we want, while giving developers the control they need instead of scabbing money at every opportunity.

Same goes for the new star wars films, lets just hope they get a good team on board for that and get some decent actors(Not Hayden ****y Christen or whatever his name is)
ShadowKingx  +   974d ago
i can see it now . Mickey to Goofy - “I am your father”

No really though, i hope disney just pushes BF3 not change anything. Because if Disney is smart they would do research and see fans want this game really bad.
MrGunny94  +   974d ago
Here's the deal in a recent conference Disney games head director said that they were more oriented to do games for mobile in the actual quote he said "Something similar of what it's being done with Angry Birds Star Wars"

Is there hope? Yeah, they said that Star Wars 1313 wasn't gonna change because Disney purchase LucasArt

Let's just hope if they do Battlefront 3 it will be on good hands and it will be revolutionary... Battlefront your in my <3 in the childhood
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GrahamGolden  +   974d ago

now lets see jedi and sith in KH3
DFresh  +   974d ago
Hopefully Disney also buys Square Enix maybe then FFXIII Versus and Kingdom Hearts 3 will be made and released for people to play.
Chard  +   974d ago
best comment of the day so far

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