Full Rock Band DLC List Discovered?

Seems someone from the ScoreHero forums was snooping around in some of the Rock Band DLC and found a file of what could possibly be a full list of what downloadable content (along with all current songs) could be coming to Rock Band. Though, before you get too giddy, even the author admits that what was discovered may be stuff that "Harmonix has POSSIBLY worked, is working, will be working on."

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Siesser3590d ago

*crosses fingers*

Dare I look. Once more do I get my hopes up and risk the feeling of dejection that I've experienced every week?

Looking, looking, looking...omg, it's THERE! The one song I've wanted in GH and RB: Hysteria by Muse

Oh please, please let this list pan out...

krik3590d ago

I was just going to post Hysteria too :) Bubbles for you. Muse rocks!

eclipsegryph3590d ago

Well, my wife and I will be hoping for Def Leppard's "Hysteria". Who knows, though. Def Leppard is very protective of their songs, and hasn't Muse already had a song on Rock Band or Guitar Hero?

Siesser3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Muse has Knights of Cydonia in Guitar Hero 3. I hadn't considered that it might be by another artist though. Here's hoping...

StarsCream3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

I am so tired of this wimpy, high pitched, distorted, euro-rock.Ive had MORE than enough Golillaz, Blur, Radiohead type "music" for one lifetime. The guitars and drums are decent though. But sorry, cant back this one.

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gogators3590d ago

to bad the list suggest that there will still be no Floyd or Led. As long as they keep mixing it up with fun songs and challenging songs, I think everyone will be a little happy.

Bowzabub3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Gators, Zeppelin and Floyd would keep them in business for years with 3 at a time... Only other group than these i wish for is Tool.. nuff said. SORRY. Forgot the Beatles. :)

ban fans3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

But I would be very surprised to see them ever agree to such a thing and if they got approval from the publishers to do it, the band wouldn't; thus meaning their songs would have to be covered by some one. That is a tall order. Keenan's vocals can't be replicated!

I'm surprised we don't see George Thorogood or Frampton yet. I mean, Frampton is desperate enough to start doing Geico commercials, so I'm sure he'd jump on a video game! (Sorry, that may have been a little harsh)

Edit - Oh yeah - how about some Primus while we're at it! And you though playing base would give you a chance to just sit back and relax!

gogators3590d ago

and hopefully someday we'll all see more stuff from the Beatles. Whether it be used in movies or games like Rock Band ( or god forbid commercials), remains to be seen. Even though he has very very little control over what Apple Records does with his music, Sir Paul just doesn't seem very interested in this Medium. Same goes for Tool, Zeppelin, AC-DC, and Floyd. Too bad that they can't see it as another way to reach their fans.

Of course I'd trade all this coming out to Rock Band in exchange for Zeppelin going out on tour.

Bowzabub3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Makes me wish i was born in '56 instead of '76. But then i'd be even more fkd for braincells than is already the case. I think the main reason the aforementioned bands aren't on the list is they haven't built the 12 button guitar yet. Especially in jimmy pages case.

bootsielon3590d ago

Is Singstar worth buying now? Maybe it's cheaper and more "casual" fun than Rock Band... or maybe it's the videos that are worth it? what do you think?

Bowzabub3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

I've never even seen a Singstar game.. i know it's really big in EU and elsewhere, my gf's daughter is always asking about it, being as she is really into singing and dancing. I've been reading that alot of people have been disappointed with the store content?? I have GH3 and Rock Band and honestly I hated the concept at 1st glance (GH1 & 2) but I gave it a chance and i have grown fond of it. Might pick up a PS2 bundled with Singstar for her, but she keeps saying she wants a DS &/or Wii.. IMO..screw DS. Wii on the other hand has Mario, Metroid & i am down, if i can find one that @ below..RATM is definitely in my jurisdiction. Another thing i found of interest is that usually i see Rockband news with absolutely no comments on it.. i was thinking where the hell did all of these sales come from? And everybody saying "go buy a real guitar"??? OK, if you like Madden try out for a REAL team.. If you like FPS join the Marines or become a contract killer.. otherwise STFU. P.S. I like all of these genres also.

ban fans3590d ago

I think sing star is aimed at the American Idol wannabes and real casual gamers out there. Also, it's a way to get non-gamers into the market and enjoying this form of entertainment.

Rock Band looks awesome to me but I won't buy it because I play most of my games alone. The rare opportunities to gather two or three friends together for the game are so rare for me, that it is not worth the money.

It's kind of like Guitar Hero in that you can play alone and have a blast, or you can gather a couple friends and play.

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