Medal of Honor Warfighter Hunt Map Pack Trailer

The Hunt Map Pack is inspired by a decade-long manhunt in some of the world's most dangerous places: Darra Gun Market and Chitral Compound. Darra is home to dozens of back-alley shops and self-taught machinists making guns by hand. Chitral is highly inaccessible and was thought to be one of Bin Laden's hideouts -- only those with the capabilities of total surprise will successfully penetrate the compound.

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dazzrazz1643d ago

"Get the exclusive $15 map pack and good luck finding someone who bought it !"

haggishurler1642d ago

Did you even watch this? The map pack is free and the game is selling pretty well.

Winter47th1642d ago

The MP is pretty freaking AWESOME

IIC0mPLeXII1642d ago

Ea is REALLY trying to break even here.

MGRogue20171642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I really think they should fix the game before releasing map packs & whatnot for it tbh.. :/

topekomsi1641d ago

Once All the bugs are worked this game is right up there with other shooter franchises on their second game, guaranteed.