Call of Duty: Black Ops II already sold to several people + photos of the disc

Where first we thought it was just a showpiece of the Hardened Edition, is now also handle book with disc leaked Black Ops 2. It appears that the individual is not the only one who is in possession of the hardened edition and more people give their pictures free copy. Conveniently, this is definitely not for Activision, it is only incidentally concerns the PS3 version.

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Zuperman2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

There must be a snake working for Activision!

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SnakeYukin2211d ago

Seems that early copies are becoming more and more frequent; defiantly with high profile games.

Nimblest-Assassin2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

I know

First borderlands, then dishonored, then Halo 4, then AC3 and now Black ops 2( but really, not many people care about BO here)

2012, the year where street dates don't matter

admiralvic2211d ago

There was also Killzone Trilogy, Littlebigplanet Vita (no matter what they say, it was still early) and most likely more. However, this happens every year, but the important thing is that they're extremely rare, isolated cases.

Bobertt2210d ago

Mw2 came out like 2 weeks before release date where i live. I got it a week early. I was gonna wait but when i logged on to psn a bunch of my friends were already playing it so i gave in and bought it early. I got to finish the story in time for the launch.

killerhog2210d ago

Here in the U.S. its usually the mom and pop shops selling them early to beat the competition (aka giant franchise stores). I don't mind ps3 leaks, as its highly unlikely to be uploaded and if uploaded, even less likely a lot of people will download it. It's the Xbox leaks/broken street dates devs gotta watch out/worry for.

Soldierone2210d ago

In our state its ALWAYS Target doing it....and then they play stupid when they get caught. "oh we didn't mean to!"

I've walked in there and saw new games on shelves days before release. Or they will be "stocking" and the games that are not out yet will be sitting in the open.

We don't really have mom and pop stores anymore. All of them ended up closing, even a few Gamestops have closed....

Neko_Mega2211d ago

To bad this doesn't mean I will get my Care Package early.

frankiebeans2211d ago

Too bad you actually bought the care package -.-

BX812211d ago

I have my copy already. I'm just gonna keep it at gamestop till I'm ready to play it. Maybe around the 13th of Nov, or so.

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The story is too old to be commented.