Playhouse Entertainment Is Developing A PlayStation Move Exclusive Game Targeted At Hardcore Gamers

Now that's an headline you don't read too often. During the last couple of years, in fact, Move-only games have become synonymous with casual/sport/party games, further strengthening the notion that motion controls are irrelevant in the realm of hardcore experiences. Well, here is a developer that wants to prove otherwise.

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SnakeYukin2206d ago

Using guns to clear out trash... seems a little overkill. Oh well, we'll see how it goes later down the road.

sinncross2206d ago

Well good luck to them. I think the move has potential but it just does not have enough software coming out regularly.

I think Sony should perhaps look at PS+ deals for move related software.

Cam9772206d ago

I wish them luck for it won't be an easy task.

StrawHatPatriot2206d ago

Kind of late to do this....

TheKayle2206d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.