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Disney and Star Wars game dreams – what should we see from the new partnership?

"Imagine the possibilities of a world where Wall-E and R2-D2 fight to the sprocket for EVA's love. In that same universe, imagine a fight to the death between Darth Vader and Maleficent. With the newly announced acquisition of LucasArts by Disney, we discuss the crossovers that need to be created. From Pixar and Marvel to the Mos Eisley Cantina, the possibilities are endless, and, before you dismiss our ideas, think of this - how much worse could Star Wars games actually be?

Not all of these games are real, but I certainly wish they were. Feel free to leave any thoughts about what you think might be a good crossover." (Culture, Disney, Industry, Kingdom Hearts 3, LucasArts, Star Wars)

OneAboveAll  +   936d ago
Battlefront 3.
nrvalleytime  +   936d ago
Sir, you are correct. Well said.

The article has it at the very end:

"A man can dream, right?"
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DeadlyFire  +   936d ago
I imagine Disney will get slammed by requests for Battlefront 3 and SW KOTOR 3. Maybe other titles as well. That is your que community throw those requests now!!!!!! :)

I wanna see that happen.
Jinkies  +   936d ago
Kingdom Hearts 3 - Keyblade Light Saber - Gummi Ship Milenium Falcon - Han Solo and Leigh as companions - Darth Vader as a heartless makes perfect sense.
Kalowest  +   936d ago
I can't see that happening seriously.
MrChow666  +   936d ago
that sounds ridiculous
DeadlyFire  +   936d ago
It may sound rediculous, but if you see it in motion it would make you melt. KH2 was awesome. Now KH3 has 2 new universes that can be thrown into the mix. My mind is honestly a little lost with the concept as well.

Could you imagine Marvel characters fighting along side Mickey Mouse?

Now Star Wars?
nofallouthero  +   936d ago
star wars kingdom hearts actually sounds pretty awesome, it makes more since than the tron level anyway
MrGunny94  +   936d ago
Give us Battlefront and a movie about KOTR
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OniXRuleZ  +   936d ago
Mickey Mouse, i am your father!
CommonSense  +   936d ago
SITH  +   936d ago
New star wars games are all but inevitable. The three new Star Wars episodes, 7, 8, and 9... that is unexpected. http://www.reuters.com/arti...
DeadlyFire  +   936d ago
I agree, but they already have 4 titles under wraps at Lucasarts coming. New films I hope can equate to success like The Avengers.

1. PSN/XBL type game called Star Wars: First Assault
2. Star Wars 1313
3. ?????
4. ?????
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Getowned  +   936d ago
must know more X_X!! I just hope they don't dumb starwars down.

Thrawn trilogy ? this has pretty much been episodes 7, 8, and 9. I wonder who would play thrawn, liam neeson might be good as Thrawn imo. They almost should use different characters because the original acters are to old to play the original characters as much as I'd love to see harrison ford return as Han Solo and I really don't see anyone else playing as Han Solo tbh, but im hyped yet scared because of disney, I hope they don't kiddie the shit out of it, or there will be many angry fans.

I want SWBF3!!!! and Kotor!!!
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Stoppokingme  +   936d ago
Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done.

Keep star wars as it is. If anything needs to be done it's battlefront 3, and a remake of pod racer would be cool as well.

The expanded universe has a lot of potential for games (or movies) as well, especially after the events of return of the Jedi. New Jedi order, thrawn trilogy, Yuuzhan Vong war, the possibilities are endless.

You've been handed a great gift, Disney. Do not screw it up for the rest of us.
TheLyonKing  +   936d ago
KNowing Diseny they will push Tetsuya to try and get star wars onto kingdom hearts or even Monkey Island.
-GametimeUK-  +   936d ago
JarJar Binks the movie!
nrvalleytime  +   936d ago
Your joke happens to be more serious than you know. If a Disney executive were to see this comment and make the movie, how bad would you feel?
-GametimeUK-  +   936d ago
Quite bad, actually. I would feel even worse years down the line when they take my advice and release the exact same movie with added special effects and 5 minutes of bonus footage.
nrvalleytime  +   936d ago
^^ Of course, JarJar would be replaced by young JarJar in the final scene, and Han would still shoot first.
CYBERHATER  +   936d ago
Jedi Knight Academy 2!!!
barb_wire  +   936d ago
Given how Disney like to close developers down after releasing a game... nothing. LucasArts will probably be dismantled, most if not all of the employee's laid off, building sold.. 3rd Party developers (ones likely without too much experience) will churn out games.
ZeroChaos  +   936d ago
Just imagine Kingdom hearts now, having both Marvel and Star Wars to go to.

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