Analyst Expects GTA 5 To Sell 20 Million Units

Gaming Blend "With the release window for Grand Theft Auto V firmly secured for a spring release on current gen consoles and PC, analysts are already chiming in on what they expect from the biggest game of 2013 and to no one's surprise, estimates are set pretty high for Rockstar's number one franchise."

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claud32236d ago

Well I say 25.6 million will be sold and day one 2.3 million will be sold

Thats how much its wanted

DivineAssault 2236d ago

damn bro, your getting like me where u have trolls following u just to disagree.. @ least you have good spirits & dont attack back like i do.. I lost my bubbles debating xbox ppl w/o saying anything that bad lol..

But yes, this game will sell just as much as COD games i think.. Is it coming to wii u or rockstar wont support nintendo home consoles? They made a GTA game for DS so i dont see why not

beerkeg2235d ago

'Is it coming to wii u or rockstar wont support nintendo home consoles?'

Once the install base is there, they will do. I know you're just stealth trolling as usual, but I'm confident they will be able to.

otherZinc2236d ago

GTA 5 will sell less than Halo 4 on the 360.
And less than COD on 360.

GTA 5 will sell less than COD on PS3.
And it will sell much more than everything else on PS3.

GTA 5 will sell less than 3million week 1 on 360
and less than 2million on PS3.

All data NPD.

cee7732235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

GTA4 24 million
GTASA 21 million
red Dead 12 million
L.A. Noire 4 million
Max Payne 7 million
R* loyalty

GTA has sold over 114 million if rockstar released over 4 GTA 's a gen like call of duty would be no comp as far as sales go GTA was selling in the call of duty range since last gen GTA is one of the biggest games ever rockstar games is the biggest label ever anything that has the rockstar label sales millions can we say the same for activision

Lvl_up_gamer2235d ago

@ cee773

Your numbers are World Wide Numbers. Otherzinc clearly states

"All data NPD."

You will have to change your argument using American sale for those titles if you want an apples to apples argument.

Dno2236d ago

wow im gonna say no to that lol

vortis2236d ago

Dude, have you seen how many units of GTA Rockstar moves?

Lifetime sales of 20 million is low. GTA V will probably do that in the first six months.

Dno2236d ago

COD is the best selling games and 20 million is s lot for them. im sure COD has reached tho. GTA5 prolly wont get 20 million my friend

GrahamGolden2236d ago

DNO we dont give a fck about your crappy cod game
this is about gta 5

neoMAXMLC2236d ago

GTA 5 won't do 20 million? San Andreas did over 15 MILLION on the PS2 alone. lol

Do you not know how big this franchise is?

Dno2236d ago

k lets bet then. it will not reach 20 million.

also did any other GTA each 20 million? just asking?

Wintersun6162236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

GTA IV sold over 20M too. According to wikipedia.

edit: BlmThug beat me to it.

BlmThug2236d ago

Gta IV has sold well over 22.5 million units, and that was over a year ago. I believe it will sell over 27 million

neoMAXMLC2236d ago

Oh you wan to bet? Because you kinda lost already. lol

Like BlmThug already mentioned, GTAIV already did well over 20 million sold copies and that was when the installation base for both consoles were much smaller than they are now.

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SephirothX212236d ago

GTA V will steamroll COD and become the best selling game of all time.

claud32236d ago

they will be close in sales. But gta v will pass them by a few million

Psychotica2236d ago

I know I am going to buy a console version then later trade it in at Gamestop for a Steam voucher to get the PC version. At least that's the plan..

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