Microsoft on IE8: we won't break the Web

While the new beta of Firefox 3 is grabbing attention this week, Microsoft is busy preparing its own big browser upgrade in IE8, which is expected in beta by mid-year. Web site developers may be interested to hear promises made in blog posts by the IE8 platform architect Chris Wilson, who says there is a "lot of potential breakage" in the new browser. Also, what's going on with Firefox 3 - there were 350 memory leaks?

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Lord Anubis3749d ago

I will stick to Firefox but thank you.

ruibing3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Tried to use IE7 because of office live, but I still prefer Firefox. It is faster (uses less memory and processing power especially for multiple tabs) and safer (almost no chance of installing adware or spyware unless you run a .msi or .exe file).

I don't want groundbreaking changes, simplicity is too easily overlooked these days.

Lord Anubis3749d ago

did you ever tried AOL's browser, they had a neat preview window for the tabs, I kind of wanted that for Firefox.