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Battlefield 3 Aftermath, Why fans should be excited about this DLC

In this clip ZitterZap and NOVAxDRAGON discuss all the details regarding the new upcoming Battlefield 3 expansion DLC called Aftermath. We talk about the crossbow, scavenger game mode, new vehicles, support class losing helmet, sunglasses and aftershocks. We go off topic and talk about other games that have similar weapons and game modes. We discuss whether there will be class balance issues when the crossbow arrives. We discuss whether game balance and extended longevity of a game is a priority for modern publishers and game developers. We talk about scavenger game mode and whether it will have mass appeal. We talk how happy we are with our purchase of Battlefield 3 Premium and how every new DLC is essentially a new game. In the end we talk about our love and hate relationship with DICE. (Battlefield 3, Dice, EA, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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onyoursistersback  +   1073d ago
i have not like any of the DLC for this game!!! i feel more maps would of been better...i have not played BF3 in months!!!
(yes im a Premium member)
OneAboveAll  +   1073d ago
More maps? Every new DLC for BF3 comes with 4 new maps.

Trolling? Or just stupid?
AO1JMM  +   1073d ago
All the DLC had new maps. What are you talking about?
onyoursistersback  +   1073d ago
i met to say, more maps for the game modes that came with the game. "Close quarters" is just COD and "Armor Kill" was boring.
@above, ya...if you want to say stupid. But, na im not trolling.
Rob Hornecker  +   1073d ago
I resepect your opinion,but I disagree with you on the BF3 dlc as a whole package. As Dice has said early on was that the dlc for BF3 would be deverse and I feel that they have been right on the money!

I do agree with you on the close quarters being VERY CoD like and would be my least favorite BF3 dlc to date.To me armor kills is what battlefield is all about and really enjoy the new maps and modes in it!
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Detoxx  +   1070d ago
"Armor Kills" lol..
dazzrazz  +   1073d ago
How can you not like something if you didn't even try it ?
SJPFTW  +   1073d ago
My only worry is the crossbow possibly messing up class balance. I believe its better if all classes receive some sort of new gadget that fits with their specific role. Like Assault gets flashbang grenades, recons gets crossbows, engineer gets a deployable device that disables enemy electronics in a limited area and support gets i dunno. Something along those lines.

But still very excited for this
Rob Hornecker  +   1073d ago
Now your talking! I truly think the BF3 developers should start watching the military history channels more often . With shows like top ten weapons,future weapons,and stories about black ops missions the ideas for the BF3 future could be AWESOME!I mean do we really care about gun camo's?

Perhaps your ideas will be in BF4....?
urwifeminder  +   1073d ago
I have not got any of the dlc i may once its all released.
Pillsbury1  +   1073d ago
New maps and new weapons are always welcome. I do really wish they included flashbangs that would be awesome! I play mostly tdm and I liked armored kill for tdm so these new maps will be great for tdm.
yoyo12121  +   1068d ago
Oh god no please no flash
KingMe42  +   1073d ago
They lost me as a fan when the premium thing came along...recently premiums versions ether mean nothing or ruin it...few times does it do the word justice. All in my passive aggressive opinion though.
Rob Hornecker  +   1073d ago
If you have notice ALL big new game releases are doing this. It all started with MW3 subscription service and has become the new normal for DLC.

Although I think that there should be more to it than the early map packs and 2x points weekends. I see that gamestop is already pushing the subscription services for CoD BO2,assassins creed 3,and Halo 4. I try not to buy these services through them ( mostly to save on gas money considering the closest GS is 15 miles from me )and would rather get it through the XB market-able place or the PSN store. You don't get anything extra from GS/EB for buying it there.
leogets  +   1072d ago
The game is frikkin amazing that keeps on giving. All the moaners need to play something they like instead of acting foolish.best fps online to date. Nothing else comes close. Bottom line
ZitterZap  +   1072d ago
Although I think Bad Company 2 was better but it was not supported by the devs in terms of expansion as much as BF3 is. Looking at it now I think BF3 does come on top.
Rob Hornecker  +   1072d ago
Thats the BEST part of having a subscription service! It gives the developers incentive and a little money in there pockets.
yoyo12121  +   1070d ago

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