The Ever Expanding World of Monster Hunter Has a Store

How big the fan base is for Monster Hunter is something that might puzzle you. In fact, with Monster Hunter Tri being the largest third party selling game on the Wii in Japan, it’s bound to raise a brow or two. Not only that, but it is so popular that in Japan there are Hunter meetups and camps that have been organized where fellow hunters gathered together to, well, obviously play Monster Hunter together, mainly on the PSP (Monster Hunter Freedom Unite series). Its success in Japan is also spreading to western cultures with Saturday nights online community being in it’s thousands on the Europe and Australia/New Zealand servers. And with the anticipation for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on its way to stores in March 2013, what else could be more exciting?

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Snookies122237d ago

I've played Monster Hunter on PSP, I really wasn't impressed... I don't get what the big deal is about it, perhaps I didn't play enough?

Nitrowolf22237d ago

Most likely
I played it on PSP first and hated it, played it on PS2 and was into it for a good few motnhs before buying the PSP version. It's better with friends to

RaikRhythm2237d ago

It's significantly better with friends. I didn't get into it till after I started playing with my best mate and my boyfriend.

Snookies122237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

Ah okay, I suppose it'll be like Borderlands for me then. I really didn't like it when I played solo. Though trying it with friends made it infinitely better lol. I'll give the MH series another shot in that case. :]

Blastoise2237d ago

It sucks on your own. If you have ad-hoc on PS3 you can connect online. Thats what I do, its a game designed for multiplayer. If you can get online its every bit as good as the Wii Monster Hunter other than graphics

HarvesterOSarow2236d ago

Huge MH fan here. I've beaten all the Chief (solo) and Guild (Co-op) missions in FU. I have to agree, it is better with friends, but I also like being tested 1v1. It tests your merit as a hunter. However, the PSP titles are far superior to Tri on the Wii. I have both, and not to be mean, but I can honestly say that if you have friends with a PSP/MH, there is no point in getting Tri.

On a side note, MH4 for 3DS looks like it has great monster design, but I wish the graphics didn't looks so jaggy in comparison to previous games. I also wish they would get rid of this "chase sequence" crap highlighted in the trailer, and remove the Dragons Dogma climbing on monsters stuff.