GamesBeat: Nintendo Land will make you hate your friends and family (hands-on preview)

GamesBeat's Giancarlo Valdes: "The timer was ticking down to the last 30 seconds. My teammates and I ran, frantically trying to capture Mario — or at least an avatar dressed like him — in a color-coded landscape filled with hills and mud. “Back of yellow heading toward red!” one of them shouted. “No, he’s going in blue!” Suddenly, I saw him fly down a long slide. I ran as fast as I could to meet him at the bottom and made a desperate attempt at a midair tackle in the hope of catching him.

"He soared over me as the clock reached zero, laughing at his stroke of luck. Even though I only met Corey, the Nintendo representative playing as Mario, just minutes before, I already hated him."

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Tolkoto2209d ago

I'm hoping for a Star Tropics ride.

RockYou2209d ago

Kinda want to play it now.

NagaSotuva2209d ago

It's the only Wii U game I'm mildly interested in at the moment.