Unreal Engine 4 for 2013?

Gameplayer has gone live with an interview with Epic Games' big guy Mark Rein in which he speculates that it could be five years before we see the next Unreal Engine.

The interview also includes a fair bit about Unreal Engine 3, the developer's relationship to other companies and Unreal Tournament III.

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avacadosnorkel3779d ago

if this is true, then the PS3 might make the 10 year prediction.

Mr Playboy3779d ago

PS3 can hardly run UE3

Do think it will be able to run UE4 ??

I don't think, well maybe PS4 or Xbox720

SRuN43779d ago

Question is can the engine make it that long?

Cause at times when I'm playing UT3, the thought that the engine is already showing it's age pops into my head, and by that I mean the tin foil effect it seems to have at times.

pwnsause3779d ago

well it can get better with age if they continue to fix it.

Kleptic3779d ago

the first generation of UE3 games are definitely dated looking now...UT3, being really the only 2nd gen UE3 game so far, definitely makes some improvements...but still wasn't even the best looking game of 2007...

thats a problem I guess...but who knows...look at the proprietary engines for some current games...look at Resistance 1 compared to R&C, you wouldn't even know they were the same engine...and Resistance 2 is building on that same engine...Naughty Dog claims to have over 5 years worth of technology to unlock out of the Uncharted Engine (with nods going to full use of procedural texturing, and complex ray-trace lighting all options)...

so it doesn't mean things can't be added to the engine...its just that its not currently showing its all...only one game of 2007 using that engine was really that impressive...

and if UE3 makes it easier for devs to make crappers like A51...I hope the engine dies sooner than later...

ruibing3779d ago

None of my computers have been able to max out the graphics yet.

Ju3779d ago

The difference is, that Insomniac can rewrite large portions of the engine with each iteration. Same with Naughty Dog. UE3 is UE3, maybe they'll evolve it to 3.1, 3.x. But looks to me, 4 is a complete new design, and UE3 will not be redesigned, but might evolve a little. The other two mentioned are already new designs which will evolve even further, while UE3 technology is basically a pretty old design.

antoinetm3778d ago

Oh Noes! Unreal 'Generic' Engine is back!

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Archaeox3779d ago

Why do they care if its 5 years...?

We'll see a PS4 by that time

darkshiz3779d ago

Then Next Gen consoles will have UE4 engine games on it.

SlappingOysters3779d ago

... there are so many games based on the engine that it just feels generic now?

Maybe it is a victim of its own overkill?

Peekay3779d ago

When it first came out, it wowed me. Now - I would go as far as to say it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And i do not speak of my breath. Sometimes i reckon Unreal Tournament 3 is only an advertisement for the engine.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3779d ago

can we talk aboutnow not whats gonna happen in 5 years??

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The story is too old to be commented.