MS Working on Cloud-Powered "Major Innovation in Interactive Television and Entertainment"

While cloud gaming has its benefits, and potentially opens gaming up to a much larger audience, it still hasn't been a service that many thought would be offered to casual gamers early on. But Microsoft has big plans for getting kids to play Kinect and use the cloud.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1850d ago

For the casual audience? They can shove that right up their ass. Also Kinect talk again. They need get get over the motion control fad it's over drop it and move on.

DeadlyFire1850d ago

I see Kinect games being on decent quality, but with lag from Cloud service. Possibly at a discounted price. Sounds exactly the same as what this gen offers with Kinectlag right? WTF am I thinking.

This site made me think of Kinect for 5 seconds. We should burn it down.

Really though Microsoft and Sony both have some sort of 3D living room objects being implemented inside the game world type of thing going on with their Move2 and Kinect2 platform patents. I don't know if it means people will actually buy into it or not. E3 2013 is the only thing that can prove that as a positive or negative.

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pompombrum1850d ago

Is the innovation as major as kinect was supposed to be?

GreenRanger1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Lying on the floor on their backs like frozen, dead dogs is exactly how children want to play games. /s

hkgamer1850d ago

children meaning men of all ages

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