40Gb PS3 Backwards Compatibility To Return?

PlayStation network director Eric Lempell told EGM that the function could return for those PS3 consoles currently lacking it. "There are possibilities through technology and software emulation to make that possible," he said, but added that Sony has no "specific plans at this point".

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TheHater3535d ago

"specific plans at this point"
Well it coming. Every time Sony say that, it comes. So it look like the 40bg is getting it after all.

darkside3535d ago

NICE!! Boo YAA for SOny!!

mikeslemonade3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I hope they bring it back for one sku but to bring to all skus is overkill. Obviously Sony heard the hardcore Sony and Xbox fans (yep i said xbox because they seem to care more about our system than theres in the news) fans plead for BC. Bringing back BC to raise cost and sacrifice potential price drops is not a good thing, so they can just put back the BC for the higher sku and leaving the lower sku(40gb PS3) as it is to try to lower price.

Through software emulation that would be fine for all skus but as far as bringing back the PS2 emotion chip that would raise the cost of the PS3.

2Negativecool3534d ago

Jesus I hate when game sites sensationalize nothing.

Look at his language usage! He has no IDEA! It is so vague and general that ANY ONE of us could have said that!

deeznuts3534d ago

I'm a sony fan and I lol'd at that. Yeah when any company, not just Sony, says "at this point in time" at ANY POINT in their statement it's coming

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Chris_GTR13535d ago

i knew it!! they purposely didnt include it..the 60 gig european model had emulation but for the 40 gig they decided to not allow it for some reason.

Bnet3433535d ago

This just tells me to not buy a PS3 yet. I want one with full BC.

Kyur4ThePain3535d ago

You should have bought the 60GB model when you had a chance.

InYourMom3535d ago

back compat isn't very good at all, just look at the 80gig. Nothing will beat the 60gig's back compat hardware.

Silellak3535d ago

So he should have bought a $600 console at a time when it was very difficult to justify the price just so he could have backwards compatibility?

Heck, it's cheaper now to get the $400 PS3 and a PS2 on the side.

Bnet3433535d ago

60 gig costed too much when it came out. Plus, not alot of PS3 games motivated me enough to go get the $500 60 gig. I'll wait. I just want a $300 PS3 with full bc. I'll def buy that.

QuackPot3534d ago

you buy a next gen console for next gen games NOT for last gen games.

and if you have a library of ps2 games then you should have a ps2 as well...or else buy a new one, they're frickn cheap as.


Anyway, it is obvious bc will return as a firmware upgrade. But sony is still making massive profits from the ps2 so early ps3 adopters were lucky to get bc.

when ps2 hardware sales finally wane, then bc will come.

enough with the bc crap... flaming.

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meepmoopmeep3535d ago

and i'm actually playing a few PS2 games. i think it's important, but that's subjective.

Mandangoof3535d ago

Full BC was a year ago. Where were you?
Not even the 80GB has full BC.

What this is telling you is that 40GB will get emulation, which is a plus, (yay) but hell no it isn't a sales factor. You want to play PS2 games? You're looking for the PS2.

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