EA admits that Medal of Honor: Warfighter disappointed

Sales failed to meet expectations for the newest EA shooter. EA CEO John Riccitiello acknowledged that the game simply came in below expectations. This comes shortly after Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz said that the newest Medal of Honor was "likely to be a major disappointment."

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Sinner101GR2234d ago

They knew that before going in.

StanLee2234d ago

They did. The didn't send review copies to game journalists before the game's release because of this.

Blacktric2234d ago

That's what you do when your stock dips below 12$ while you claim to have a stellar year and keep hyping the aborted fetus that was The Old Republic.

guitarded772233d ago

Well, the article says they were disappointed with the sales, and felt it was a good game. They thought the poor reviews were wrong. Just making sure we don't get a different interpretation of what was actually said.

Cam9772234d ago

What I don't get is why did they release it then? It becomes clear that they're money wh*res when a few days after release, they admit the game sucks.

Tikicobra2234d ago

Because it's not about quality, it's about money. When has a publisher like EA ever tried to hype up a big release, and then right before launch say "meh, this isn't very good, let's not release it."?

Hufandpuf2234d ago

Imagine pre-ording a game, then the company says, "Oh, we have to release it later then promised". That just doesn't fly.

SideShort2233d ago

Are we even reading the same article? they never admitted their games sucks, they said the exact opposite. The disappointment was the critical reception.

brich2332234d ago

Danger close will not be making another medal of honor i bet.

DeadlyFire2233d ago

Well considering Danger Close is pretty much just EA-LA then its likely they will keep going.

I see some of DICE spill over into this game's development. I think EA is trying to spread its development to thin for small development windows of games and its hurting them.

Give the games 2 year dev cycles at minimum and I don't see a problem.

humbleopinion2233d ago

The game did get a 2 year development window, and most of EALA studio is actually rebranded as a bioware studios working on C&C.

Outside_ofthe_Box2234d ago

***"They knew that before going in."***

Hence the reason reason for all the hype EA was building for it in order to get people to by into the hype.

I didn't fall for it this time after BF3.

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Son_Lee2234d ago

Cut your losses and get cracking on Mirror's Edge 2 already!

vortis2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

I love Mirror's Edge. I sometimes just boot it up just to look at it. It's an architecturally beautiful game that relishes in a unique modernist, sterile aesthetic that just makes it a visual wonder to behold.

However, I have to disagree with you. I don't want EA forcing DICE to churn out Mirror's Edge 2 with "bloated costs" and obscene marketing tactics.

I'd rather DICE break away from EA, head to Kickstarter, use some of their own capital they raised while at EA and get some extra funding from the crowd to make a right proper Mirror's Edge 2...none of that corporate BS and focus group testing that will see the game with a horrible deathmatch mode, microtransactions from here to the moon, day-1 DLC, on-disc DLC, monthly subscriptions and all that other bullcrap publishers have been pulling.

I guess what I'm saying is, I don't want them to taint Mirror's Edge 2 with their turd-covered greed hands.

Jinkies2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )


EA will you just drop this rivalry with Activision's COD, it's not working out for you because the majority of people who buy COD are just people who play on it to be part of a crowd, for most of them it's the only game they probably buy. It's better when you guys stuck to making games for the audiences you already had. People wanted Bad Company 3 instead your given them Battlefield 4, people wanted a true survival horror Dead Space 3, your giving us a Gears of War/Lost Planet hybrid with RE5/RE6 elements despite knowing it's what turned Survival horror gamers the main audience of that franchise off Resident Evil, people wanted to see the Bioware they fell in love with instead you guys turn them into crap and force the two founders to leave and lets not forget despite having a promising future for improvment to reboot Medal of Honour and making it the best game you can you rushed and CODified it.

Honestly there was a time a while ago where you thought EA was turning over a new leaf then suddenly they just decline in quality even more. I still can't forgive them for what they've done to Dead Space.

LOGICWINS2234d ago

Even though EA's been responsible for bastardizing certain franchises, I still have faith in them as far as fight sports go. The next EA MMA game has all the makings to be something truly special.

Jinkies2234d ago

I'm not disagreeing with you (like literaly) but you can't really go wrong with sports games, they are basicaly the same games every year with updated teams and players with naturaly improved graphics.

If EA did mess up with their sport franchises then they would have really lost the plot in my opinion

Cam9772234d ago

MOH should've stayed in WWII IMO.

DOMination-2233d ago

When world at war came out people moaned that it was another ww2 game. Im not disagreeing with you but its funny how a few years on people want to go back.

The same thing with resident evil.. People moaned it was getting stale. Capcom changed it up on re4. Now probably those sane people are moaning that they should go back to their roots. Developers can't win.

ironfist922234d ago

Dont forget not giving us Mirrors Edge sequel

MGRogue20172234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

So they're planning on fixing this broken & buggy-ass game with patches/updates? well.. that's good news, I guess. The moment I started playing MoH: Warfighter's online MP, It felt exactly like BF3 in it's Alpha stage lol. I simply cannot enjoy it in it's current state due to continuously falling through the map upon re-spawning, being able to get out of the maps without any exploits at all & all kinds of weird sh*t. It really does play like a BETA.

So yes, sort it out EA. ASAP. otherwise this POS is going back to the shop where I will put the credit towards BF4 & in the mean time while you attempt to fix this so-called 'retail game', I'll be playing BF3 & BO2! You should be glad that I'm even willing to keep this POS! on my shelf, collecting dust. Very disappointed in this game ever since I received it on release.. Think I should have bought something like Ghost Recon Future Soldier instead tbh. :/

SideShort2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

Bro, you just have one f*cked up copy. I couldn't get my game to glitch that bad without throwing the console first.

USMC_POLICE2233d ago

Well they put the beta out too late and it was only on 360. It should have been out early summer and on all systems

Soldierone2234d ago

Next time make a good game that raises the bar and it won't happen. Or we taking the sleezbag route and blaming pirates still?

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