Analyst: New Microsoft & Nintendo Console By 2010, DS & PSP Dead

Pacific Crest's Wilson believes Spore publisher is primed to reclaim market share by 2011; Microsoft's new box to debut in 2010, preceded by Nintendo's Wii follow-up.

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avacadosnorkel3807d ago

new xbox in 2010. It will have blu-ray, wi-fi, HDD, and online still won't be free

Time_Is_On_My_Side3807d ago

If they have Blu-ray discs that means they have to pay Sony for using it. I think they might have to create their own discs for their console like Nintendo.

ravinash3806d ago

They already have their own...HD-DVD.
They can still use it, it just won't be able to play any movies because no one will be making them by that stage.
But then again that would put them at a disadvantage against PS3/4.
So its either BlueRay or download....will download be ready by 2010...not for most people in the world.

Violater3806d ago

Isn't that a waste of money?

vilmer3806d ago

Violater, it doesn't matter. As soon as the PS3 starts to get momentum of any kind over the 360 in America, you can bet your butt that they will get a new system out there as fast as possible.

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eddierivera3807d ago

another rushed xbox? I dont have a 360 and you wont see me buying the next failure in hardware. Dont get me wrong, Im not condeming xbox, its just that I feel they should take their time with things. I would have probably not took my 360 back after getting the RRD on my second week of having the console. The freaking console scratched the crap out of my ninja gaiden,, I almost put a sledge hammer to the darn thing.

There is one more thing I would like to add. I dont know how much more they think they can make the graphics to software with a new system,, the poor devs are having problems making games better than they are now,, why would you want to make a new system if the software wont beable to even catch up to it? I know I know, the ps3 had a bad start cause of the new cell tech, but they will have learned how to harness the ps3's power by the time the new xbox comes out, and then its gonna have a reverse effect,, devs only wanting to make ps3 games. Go ahead though xbox,, if you think you can pull it off i might buy it,,, but I cant see it all working the way they think it will. I see it falling apart just like my 360 did on me.

darkshiz3807d ago

Lmao PSP and DS dead yeah right....

actas1233807d ago

This is like the idiot who claimed cellphone will be dead after 2 years of their first release.. What an idiot.

wallace10003807d ago

Agreed dude, the DS is a fantastic little console.

power of Green 3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

Kind of moronic to predict what a company will do just because of one console(XBOX).

These posts are getting out of hand just wait and see no cares about the new Xbox yet no ones thinking about it(unless you're useing the topic to spite MSFT).

Not suprizing though when seeing who's posting all these 360 posts(PS3 Fans).

DS & PSP comments are ridiculous(whats going to replace these platforms?)

Willio3806d ago

Does every post of yours must have the word xbox in it?

funkeystu3806d ago

The DS2 and PSP2 I guess (or whatever they decide to call them). The n4g title is misleading - the article said "2010 is also likely to coincide with the end of the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP cycles.", cycles being the key word methinks.

LinuxGuru3807d ago

I agree with everything except the PSP and DS being dead.

There will probably be upgraded versions, but by no means will they be dead.

power of Green 3807d ago

You agree that the Wii and the 360 will have new consoles out in 4 years.

LinuxGuru3807d ago

Aren't you a smart one!

Bubbles for your deduction powers!

tethered3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

@ power of Green

Windows XP was first released on October 25, 2001
On January 30, 2007, Vista was released worldwide to the general public.

So 6 years for a new operating system.
They still support XP because of all the complaints they have had with Vista.

Now the X-box:
How long did the X-box last?

It was released on November 15, 2001
The 360 came out in May 2005. (Microsoft dropped support of the xbox shortly thereafter)
So 4 +/- years? Right?

That means the 360 will be 7 years old in 4 years, right?

If the 360 makes it to 2010 I would be very surprised. 10 years?

Of course Microsoft might still support the 360 because of all the complaints it might have with the 720. You never know.

Or they might just drop it like they did the X-box.

On a side note, the PS2 keeps chugging along.

giovonni3807d ago

To realize that as long as a console is in the positive(making money) consoles will be supported till the end. Now for 2010 consoles coming out, maybe. I'm not a prophet, but I can tell you this. A lot of people are mad that MS dropped support of the Xbox, but again those fans aren't seeing it through the eyes of Business men and women. It's simple, why has the ps and ps2 still been supported? Because it was selling, bottom line. It was bringing positive, money, euro, walmpalm, salt, diamonds, rubies, Dead Prez, Won, Izms to put some cash in their hands.
If history has truly been done, only systems with a positive sale rate have been supported through and through. MS wasn't in the positive with the XBOX, and at the present time to come out with the 360 knowing you were going to take another loss for a year or two isn't good. A company's mission is to make money, not lose it. So, they had to make a hard choice, Sony would have dropped support of the Playstation 2 if it wasn't in the positive, and it had a small install base.

antoinetm3807d ago

that could happen...

it seems to me like the xbox was just an experiment on which MS made its teeth, so it make sense to stop supporting it once the 360 was out.

M$ will probably support the 360 for a long time, just like sony and the ps2.

Willio3806d ago

"The 360 came out in May 2005. (Microsoft dropped support of the xbox shortly thereafter)
So 4 +/- years? Right?

That means the 360 will be 7 years old in 4 years, right?

If the 360 makes it to 2010 I would be very surprised. 10 years?"

If my math is correct, 360 would be 5 yrs old, not 10.

tethered3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

@ Willio
That would be beer math. Must have had a few to many.
Anyway, thanks for pointing that out for me.

Bubble to you for seeing my tardness! lol

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