EA beats Q2 estimates as Battlefield 3 Premium sells 2 million subscriptions

EA also provided an update on its digital Origin service, as the platform now has over 30 million users, including 13 million mobile users, and EA has signed agreements with 71 independent developers for Origin.

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cruxito2206d ago

first comment :) ,......... this is horrible, this is the worse generation of gaming cosoles, we are getting rape with Disklocked content and DLC store exclusive, but now people pay to play a game online??? really

SJPFTW2206d ago

1. not disk-locked
2. you dont need premium to play online
3. BF3 DLC actually adds to gameplay with new weapons, graphics, vehicles etc. Not just map packs. They are more like mini-expansion packs

Detoxx2205d ago

Yes, people are just to stupid to understand that it's cheaper if you buy Premium

Pandamobile2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

I knew there was going to be a pretty good chance that I'd end up buying the rest of the DLCs after how stellar Back 2 Karkand was.

Was not disappointed with my $50 investment (ended up saving $15 in the long run). I'm still playing BF3 a few times a week with friends and still having a great time.