New Super Mario Bros U - See new features and a gorgeous new stage in exclusive videos

GamesRadar - We've got new videos straight from a finished version of the Wii U launch game.

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Qrphe2209d ago

The build of the game they have in the Wii U Demo sations don't look very good. The game is definitely 720p and hopefully it was the video, but the game didn't look 60fps. I hope they're able to pull off the level of polish Rayman Legends has.

-GametimeUK-2208d ago

I think Rayman is the new face of 2D platformers. From a players point of view the NEW Mario Bros series is getting really stale. I have played through New Mario Bros for the DS and the Wii numerous times. I don't feel the need to play the 3DS version and the same goes with this Wii version.

I think Rayman outshines it across pretty much every catagory. This is coming from a Super Mario fanboy, too! I think they need to upgrade just like the jumps from Mario 1 to 3 (2 doesn't count because it's a reskin of a game) and then to Mario World and then the jump to the NEW games. All the games featured new visuals and gameplay whilst still feeling like a Mario game.

The NEW games have been around for too many installments and the formula needs shaking up. Drop the "new", change the physics, switch the art style and make new power ups.

Until this happens it is safe to say that Rayman is the most polished 2D platformer at this time.

deafdani2208d ago

Drop the "new", switch art style, and make new power ups = agree.

Change the physics = hell no! The physics on those games are actually superb, they're the ONLY thing where I think the NSMB series actually outperform Rayman Legends. On everything else (art style and level design) Rayman wins hands down, but the physics on the Mario platforming games remain second to none, in my opinion.

DivineAssault 2208d ago

No way in hell id give nintendo $60 for this game.. I dont care how many ppl buy it or review it well.. I had it on DS, wii, & 3DS & they were all virtually the same damn thing.. Theres no reason this couldnt have been native 1080p & had online multiplayer.. Sorry nintendo, u aint getting nx gen game money for a HD remake from me.. Give me a mario galaxy successor that looks somewhat nx gen & ill consider buying a wii u..

jimbobwahey2208d ago

Yup. Nintendo has been regurgitating the same old stuff for a long time now. And people say that the Call of Duty series is bad...

Moonman2208d ago

I rather play this game than 90% of the rehash/copycat being released this fall for other systems. Don't get me started on Battle royale for PS3. *cringe*

ShaunCameron2208d ago

Same here. And that's considering neither the PS3 nor the XBox 360 had much worth mentioning all generation long in terms of platformers.

Tonester9252208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Run, Jump, Mushroom, Goomba, Run, Jump.......

Since 1989

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES2208d ago

you are so right, nothing has changed at all. The only marip that was heading in the right direction was mario 64 and they never continued on that. im tired of mario games getting a free pass with these reviews and other games like ratchet and clank has to innovate tremendously.

i think the only reason why mario games get great reviews is because it brings back good old memories from when they were kids..thats it.

-GametimeUK-2208d ago

No... Mario gets great reviews because the games are absolutely amazing and polished. Mario 1, 2, 3 and Super Mario World all felt very different (yet similar). These games did bring new ideas to the table. Even the first NEW Super Mario Bros game was great... Heck, the Wii version is good. The problem is that these NEW games are starting to get stale yet they pump them out.

Mario 64 was great as you said, Sunshine changed a heck of a lot (I enjoyed it) and Mario Galaxy has shaken things up and produced two of the finest games this generation.

Sorry, but Mario games continue to evolve, impress and capture gamers hearts by being brilliant. It is not because of nostalgia. The only thing I would change is the amount of games using the NEW style of gameplay. It has to be shaken up soon.

ALLWRONG2208d ago

Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the highest rated games of all time, and it deserved it.

ShaunCameron2208d ago

And what innovation has R&C brought to the table exactly?

I just love how some people throw the word "innovation" around so loosely.

mcstorm2208d ago

I like the look of this game. It dose not look a game that makes you think WOW how good dose that look but its a old 2d style Mario game which I really enjoy.

Looking forward to getting this in 4 weeks along with ZombieU.

eagle212208d ago


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