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Batman Arkham City is a Terrible Game

Chris writes, "It is no secret that I did not enjoy, and even disliked, Batman Arkham City. It just seemed to be lacking some spark that the original, Arkham Asylum, had." (Batman: Arkham City, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Griffin4871  +   856d ago
Your attempt at spelling is terrible.
HammadTheBeast  +   855d ago
levelsave is a terrible website. I win.
NeXXXuS  +   854d ago
+bubs XD

Thanks to you guys, now I don't have to click this article. :P
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delicia  +   854d ago
Lmao at "It is no secret" I mean, who is this writer?
Snickelsox  +   854d ago
Hi, I'm Chris. Now you know me.

Our website has a small following and those are the people who know "it is no secret."

And now you know too!
calis  +   854d ago
Actually Chris, I have one of those memory erasers from Men In Black and I will forgot about you, you're crappy opinion and crappy site right about....now
WiiUalpha  +   854d ago
I can do that without the eraser. Forgetting nobody is not hard to do.. I passed a homeless guy the other day giving his opinion on the end of the world. Couldnt tell you his name or what he looked like now because honestly his opinion was BS and didnt make enough of an impression. Just like the author here. He just wants to try to make a name for himself by hating on a popular game. By next week none of us will even remember this crappy site or the dribble they tried to push off as journalism
OWNTJosh  +   854d ago
It's no secret that the proper way to say "it is" is actually "it's." At least according to our good friend the contraction.

Or wait, maybe it actually IS a secret?
showtimefolks  +   854d ago
now don't hate on me for saying this but i had more fun with the first batman game just because it was in a way straightforward. In arkham city you are thrown into a big world but its not as well done open world when it comes to travelling from one to next destination. Maybe its just me but i also read in few reviews that sometimes knowing where to go next became frustrating

but its in no way a bad game, its actually a very good game. hopefully one day someone makes a really great superman game because the potential is unlimited if done right
Consoldtobots  +   854d ago
this is where the men are separated from the boys, most kids in here would enjoy a game on the same level as tic-tac-toe if it had next gen production value. While B:AC is not a bad game it's not great either. The open world approach was a good idea on paper but played out poorly in their execution of it. In my expert opinion the current state of hardware is not there yet for proper open world games. That's why most of them look dead and lifeless half the time or just have the scripted NPCs sprinkled all over the map in different skins. Those who know how the technology works pick up on this stuff right away and can't but feel a little bit of a sinking feeling at the current state of gaming.
Of course MS has not helped any of this AT ALL and in fact only made the problem worse by buying their way into every IP that sold a few million copies last gen. This is what Sony was talking about early on when they said that MS was not expanding the market but in fact fighting over the scraps of what last gen left us. I would love to see a GTA game not crippled by DVD9 and the slower memory pool of the 360.
coolman229  +   850d ago
It's not bad to prefer the first game to the sequel. That's cool.

To say that Arkham City is a bad game is heresy.
Beastforlifenoob  +   854d ago
I can't understand if he thinks this game is sooo terrible why doesn't he quickly make one and become a billionaire? Like everyone knows making a game like Ark ham city with Amazing game play, tens of hours of it, thousands of textures and 3d meshes, shouldn't take more than half hour...
maximaz  +   854d ago
So if he cant make a game, he is not allowed to think that one is terrible? Thats not how 'having an opinion' works in real life.

Do you love every movie, every song and every game you encounter? No? Then you must be an amazing musician/film maker/developer, all in one, because how dare you think they arent good when so much work went into them??
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KUV1977  +   854d ago
Just because it takes long and hard work to make a game, doesn't mean it will automatically be good.

I myself only finished Arkham CIty because I payed a lot of money for it, whereas I platinumed Asylum. I thought the Open World Traveling was just terrible and while you had a constant sense of progression in Asylum, you were just endlessly grinding along in City.
AfricanGamer9ja  +   854d ago
I totally agree with the writer of this article.
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lifesanrpg  +   854d ago
Oh look, another Wordpress site with the same free layout as all the other ones. It's sad that any joe schmoe with connection to the internet can start a website so easily.

I think your website design is lacking some spark and originality. So there.
Feralkitsune  +   854d ago
Why is it sad, and what's wrong with people writing and creating their own sites? That is a stupid way of thinking. Often these sites have more truth on them than the bigger sites.
WiiUalpha  +   854d ago
No in most cases they do not have more cred than a bigger site. They usually end up psuhing their personal opinion as fact with nothing to back it up.

Whats wrong with it? really? okay let me give you an example. Say anyone could buy a camera and make a movie. Okay now suddenly theaters are filled with crap movies and huge blockbusters. Now people have to look through all the crap to find the ones worth watching.

Same thing here. I dont want to wade through tons of crap by just anyone to find the ones made by people who actually have a valid opinion because they work in the industry.
cruncher_20  +   854d ago
Don't read it. What's wrong with you people ?!?

I don't think it is sad that everybody can make and published articles on a website, but it is sad that people are nasty enough to give their personal opinion just for the sake of being mean with someone when nobody force you to stop and read their article ! At least he tried...

And I agree that the story of the first one was by far more interesting !
KidBroSweets2  +   851d ago
Yup this article has it right. Cause when I see Bionicle, I think Batman.........

Yes I'm being sarcastic about that -_-
The_Infected  +   855d ago
I've never played Batman Arkham Ctiy so i wouldn't know.
FlameHawk  +   855d ago
Did you really need to comment then?
brish  +   855d ago
New to n4g?

Having no idea of the topic has no effect on people's inclination to post on the topic.
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Nimblest-Assassin  +   855d ago
Although I find the story in AA stronger than the one in AC... this article is stupid

Complaining about logic in a video game? Suspension of disbelief
vork77  +   854d ago
agree its a comic there is no logic lol
I actually thought the game was pretty bland too. Which is odd considering i liked the first one and not much really changed. The boss battles were really fun though. Especially Ras Al Goul.
The_Infected  +   855d ago
I've played Batman Arkham City not Batman Arkham "Ctiy" as the title stated before it was corrected. I said it as a joke lol
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FlameHawk  +   855d ago
Oh lol, the you should have said it like this " ... know, but I did play Batman Arkham City."
The_Infected  +   855d ago

Yea I probably should've lol

Anyways I really liked Batman Arkham City myself. Very good game IMO.
Autodidactdystopia  +   855d ago
Damn guys... Im losing track of all the acronyms

example: "AA is better than CSGO for the GOW or GoW reasons stated a week ago and AC,BF,and COD or BLOPS or BLOPS2 for the MW ill trade any day for AC or the new MOH but the NFSMW is awesome and honestly GTAIV is one of the coolest because it will have more sales than LoT thinks it will understandably ME was originally meant to be a FPS but now with ME3 we have long forgotten that thought with the release of GT5P and then the subsequent release of GT5 and the expected release of GT6P back when TF2 came out it was all about HL2 and Maybe KZ and the arguments about KZ3 not looking as good as KZ2 and UC2 looking better than UC3 before MGSGZ came and stole the show and MGSR came out and glitched the screen with some SOTC and some FFVIIIXLTIV."

just an example but SHIT the acronyms Confuse the shit out of me here sometimes.
Snookies12  +   854d ago
Is it sad I understood all of that?
wingman32x  +   854d ago
Got 'em all except of LoT and CSGO.

Funny post, btw.
Venox2008  +   855d ago
Great Game, but terrible ending..
LOGICWINS  +   855d ago
Ending was fine, but thats just my opinion.
DivineHand125  +   854d ago
The ending was comical.
coolman229  +   850d ago
That actually is pretty funny!
Gamehard  +   855d ago
Trying to troll one of the best games of last year for hits makes for a terrible article, too. How did this even get approved?
It must be a REALLY slow day.... What a horrible article.
Snickelsox  +   854d ago
Thanks for your input!
CalvinKlein  +   855d ago
I could understand if he didnt like it but I cant understand how he could not like city if he liked the first one so much.

I didnt really like either one but If I continued to play them for longer im sure they would have grown on me and I can tell they are really quality games for sure.

This is like how the most vocal haters of COD are usually the ones who bought the last 5 cod games and suddenly cant stand COD when the most recent one arrives. If you liked the previous games and then suddenly hate a sequel that is just as good or better, then the problem is most likely with you and not the game.
maximaz  +   854d ago
He actually explained just the part you are confused about. He didnt like the differences.
Autodidactdystopia  +   855d ago
I used to be a contributor but then I took a few tickets to the knee.
morkendo23  +   854d ago
beging to realize ALL articles have a webbing connection to appear for hits on N4G
and gamers as blind sheeps on a daily base complaint and whin about whatever is approved or not approved
do you guys really think the owners of this site gives a rat-ass what we think long as they fill their monthly quota. and allow the whining and complaints to continue. i've been a member since 2006 and figure all this out also there is a group that hoards on disagreeing if the comment is not up-to-par to their liking U see im down to 1 bubble for speaking the TRUTH. a daily monthly thing will this thought get disagrees?? of course.
gamers on here dont like rational realistic thoughts
foolishness of a game that has nooooo substance in life YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
NEW YORKERS dealing with SUPER SANDY storm trying to servive the after math re-build life. but day-to-day we bit;h and whin about meanless content,download content extra payments, glitches, 60fps not happen yet with ps3

this site should be called NEWS FOR WHINNERS.COM
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memots  +   854d ago
Couldn't have said it better. Been a member for a while as well and this is unfortunately the sad truth.

But i still come here because its the fast food of gaming news. i recommend you try Shacknews its more mature.
maximaz  +   854d ago
You'd have more bubbles if you took some time to think before putting down your opinion in a clear and orderly manner. You just sharted random whining onto the screen.
dennett316  +   854d ago
Really Memots, you couldn't put it better than THAT incomprehensible garbage above?
Terrible spelling, no capitalization, thinks the plural of sheep is sheeps (that's something 5 year old's say), putting out malformed brain farts and daring to call his rambling nonsense opinions truth.

Here's a hint Morkendo23, people are allowed to "bit;h and whin" as you put it, about games all they like. Just because other, more important things happen every day in the world that doesn't mean that people can't discuss more frivolous subjects and be passionate about them. It doesn't mean they're whiners, it means they want to discuss a shared interest...nothing more. You have a spectacular amount of education to receive, and a lot of growing up to do. People are allowed to disagree with each others opinions...welcome to the world little one, we don't all think the same. You have one bubble because your posts are terrible, poorly thought out and the ramblings of a childish mind trying to pretend they're more grown up than they actually are by daring to lecture people who want to discuss video games because they don't care about all the ills of the world like you're pretending to do.
'Oh how can you talk about movies or music, don't you know there's people starving in Africa? First world problems, LOL' Screw that line of thinking. If we all went around thinking about the misery of the world 24/7, it'd be a pretty miserable life.

In short, take your undeserved superiority complex and cram it where the sun doesn't shine. That 3 people actually agree with you is unbelievable considering the state of that post. For shame.
Snickelsox  +   854d ago
Is it possible that this is my opinion and that I am not trying to troll anyone?

Maybe, just maybe, different opinions are are a good thing.
dennett316  +   854d ago
Is it possible that you dressed up your opinion in as confrontational a headline as possible to bait for hits? If Arkham City is terrible, what's something like Amy or Hydrophobia? That's why your opinion is being disregarded offhand.
Philoctetes  +   854d ago
If somebody wants to tell me that they didn't care much for Arkham City, that's fine. Different people, different opinions, and all that But nobody who understands video games would try to argue that it's "terrible." That's just trolling, and you'll get no hit from me. Better luck next time.
aNDROiD17_  +   855d ago
dude just stfu
-GametimeUK-  +   855d ago
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but come on! Seriously? There are some games that even if you don't like them you have to just acknowledge the fact that they are brilliant. I'm not too fond of Starcraft, Haf Life, Gran Turismo and many other loved franchises... I just accept the fact that in these cases it is probably bad taste on my part or the games are just not for me. I still know these franchises are fantastic for their audiences.
Locksus  +   855d ago
I liked the game but it ended just so suddenly.
Vandamme21  +   855d ago
What a joke article..batman arkham city is one of the best game I played this generation.
Dno  +   855d ago
i thought it was a good game but not great.
theWB27  +   855d ago
Seems like they didn't like the game because they made it more challenging and betterfied ( yep i typed that ) what made the first so awesome.
Bluenuts9  +   855d ago
Lol betterfied, good one!!!
Getowned  +   854d ago
lol, indeed that was a good one lmao
beerkeg  +   855d ago
Well, that wasn't worth reading. It was similar to pushing cocktail sticks into your eyes.
Snookies12  +   854d ago
Is there something wrong with doing that...? Lol
insomnium2  +   854d ago
Ahahahaha!!! Bubbles for funny!
smashcrashbash  +   855d ago
The game ended suddenly? After all the antidote chasing and Joker tricks and detours against Strange and Al Ghul on then way I really don't see how anyone could have thought then game ended suddenly. If anything it was drawn out
Der_Kommandant  +   855d ago
Yeah whatever
Shawtymann  +   855d ago
i was put off by Arkham city because it was so overwhelming. The huge city, all those riddler trophies, etc.
I loved Arkham Asylum though.
schlanz  +   855d ago
Terrible game more like terrible opinion.
ApolloTheBoss  +   855d ago
Just....just go away, please. I'm too tired for this.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   855d ago

Not even close. Arkham City is THE best OPEN WORLD super hero game ever made.
SpaceDesperado  +   854d ago
yeah right spider-man 2 destroys it by a landslide
Y_5150  +   854d ago
Spiderman 2 was a fun game but to be the best super hero open world game? NO! inFAMOUS is a really good contender for that title. I think thisbut I love both titles respectfully but...
inFAMOUS (2) is a better super hero open world game.
Y_5150  +   853d ago
When I said "love". I never meant it was for Spiderman 2 it was for Arkham City and inFAMOUS. :P
Rockefellow  +   854d ago
Will I get downvoted if I say inFamous is better? Probably, but I'll say it anyway.
dannylilley  +   855d ago
That was the biggest waste of words I've seen in a while.
Bluenuts9  +   855d ago
What's exactly what I thought too, glad someone agrees lol.
dafegamer  +   855d ago
sigh..... not this again
mafiahajeri  +   855d ago
hahahahaha great GIF AC was amazing so was AA o many things to do and so many guest characters just a Batman fans ultimate dream game!
dafegamer  +   854d ago
Thx this gif just came into my mind reading the writers rant about AC. I dont understand why some Gamers are never Satisfied with what they get.
A huge example, like early mentioned by me is the Zelda Fanbase. Nintendo always tries their best to make the Zelda games perfect,to satisfy the
fanbase but they seem to neglect the whole time.
I guess the "Ocarina of Time" Nostalgia is a big cause of this mentality
#19.1.1 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
dafegamer  +   855d ago
This is the legend of zelda series all over again. The same habit about Zelda Fanboys not getting satisfied with what the latest Zelda games offers
Rebo00  +   855d ago
From what I read (and got bored) he didn't like the game because it was too difficult for him and he couldn't handle the combat system...
Kingthrash360  +   855d ago
....... Anyway.... On to something more relivent ......HAPPY HALLOWEEN.
seanpitt23  +   855d ago
Never bought the game so I wouldn't know if it was terrible or not
Getowned  +   855d ago
Its a really cool game actually, if you liked the first you'll like this one, its realy Worth getting, and the story IMO is better than most of the movie that have been made with some nice twists.
chukamachine  +   855d ago
Batman is good, and if you like the films you'll probably enjoy the game.

Personally i prefer the book by the fire.
Getowned  +   854d ago
I loved the game! I find it hard to believe this guy actually hates it. The gameplay was awesome, the story was great and had some nice twists, it looked great, the map was fun and full of intresting places, What's to hate.
Omnislash  +   854d ago
Story, characters and graphics were good. The only thing I didnt really didnt like was that its essentially a copy/paste as far as gameplay goes with arkham asylum...
dennett316  +   854d ago
Name a sequel that isn't. Huh, just thought of one myself...Super Mario Bros. 2.
Anyway, most sequels are 'more of the same, but bigger and better'.
thawind  +   854d ago
Somebody is desperate.
yaz288  +   854d ago
I didn't like arkham city although I enjoyed it.. but I find the first one much better and I don't know why is that .

in arkham city I was like fly .. find some bad guys .. beat the bad guys .. and start all over again.

story was crap .. the open world sounded cool at first but didn't work for me.. stealth is the same as the last game with the same idea and scenario

I enjoyed the amazing spider-man more than this..
the infamous games are the best super hero game this gen

batman begins was by far my favorite batman game ever ..
#28 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
madjedi  +   854d ago
Funny the only batman begins i know of, is the movie reboot of the batman saga wasn't aware they had a game of it.
dannylilley  +   854d ago
The infamous games are by far the worst super hero games. Can fall from any height without a scratch but three bullets kill him. What the fudge? Worst sense of power ever and yes I know I'm a minority in this thinking but I couldn't care less.
yaz288  +   854d ago
shame.. I hope that isn't the main reason though.. many games have this

anyone who see infamous 1 gameplay probably will hate it .. but once you experience it, discover and understand the xp system ,, the game will become a blast and addicting. ( I don't know why they didn't do multiplayer yet )

also the story .. is not only the best story in a super hero game but one of the best I ve seen this gen. ( with the like of MGS4 , ASSASSIN CREED 1, the witcher ..etc)
dannylilley  +   852d ago
Didn't make me feel powerful in the slightest so no, I didn't think it was a blast. Like I said, I know I'm one of the few that feel that way.
TBONEJF  +   854d ago
really now. this guy is a idiot and probably doesn't even like batman. why do we even have reviewers?
dboyman  +   854d ago
Yes Batman Arkham City is a Terrible Game....in Bizarro World!!!
The_Nameless_One  +   854d ago
Arkham City is not a terrible game but I personally I don't think it's as good as Asylum. Sure there was way more fluff for the player to...fluff...but I think that Asylum had more heart and honesty in it. I also think Asylum had better art direction. DOn't get me wrong Arkham City looked great but everything just looked the same. It didn't have that uniqueness that Asylum had going between the different sections and areas of the Island.
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