Xbox Cloud Gaming Service Outed in Job Listings

Cloud gaming has always been a huge area of speculation in the games industry, and when Sony spent $380 million on Gaikai it was clear that it was only a matter of time before Microsoft joined the fray. - GR

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dbjj120881868d ago

Lay off the cloud fanboys. Microsoft's obviously got the better infrastructure to pull this off next-gen. Have you ever downloaded anything from the PSN? It's so slow!

alexcosborn1868d ago

Those long download times on the PSN are pretty annoying... :(

darthv721868d ago

I mean Ms has been toying with cloud services for years. They just never announced anything for 360.

sony makes waves in the news with Gakai and now suddenly people think anyone else working on similar ideas are copying them.

Lets be realistic. The ideas have been around for a while. If a company is quiet about it or vocal should not change that, that is the direction things could be heading.

BitbyDeath1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

The slowness comes from PS3 not supporting Wireless-N.

decimalator1868d ago

The PSN is only as fast as your own Internet connection and all points between. My downloads are always > 8 Mbps, which is pretty good.

Technically, PSN and XBL are already cloud services. In fact, PSN uses Amazon EC2 for some portions of its infrastructure. The difference is these new "cloud services" will be streaming games. Obviously both XBL and PSN will need to figure out how to do this reliably for all network types.

kma2k1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I do have to disagree with your first part of your statement I used to have ATT Dsl with 3mbps down speed, when i downloaded files from psn the usually downloaded at 1mbps, since ive updated to 15mbps ATT Usverse & i still get the same 1mbps speed from the psn. I tested it last night actually i downloaded the same demo xcom from psn with no other network activity then with 360 the psn download took almost twice as long. Long story short its PSN its slow!

Edit: Forgot to add ive done speed test on the browser for both 360 & ps3 & they both get the same speed around 14mbps normal, the speed is getting to my ps3 its just not there when it comes to the psn!

Blankman851868d ago

Come on, lets not drag playstation or psn into this.

doctorstrange1868d ago

My worry is that if MS charges you just to play online, how much to stream online? :O

Cam9771868d ago

No it isn't, maybe you should consider better Internet connection? It's fine and fast for me.

1868d ago
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Belking1868d ago

Smartglass is gonna be huge for next gen. I like it.

TekoIie1868d ago

I think that depends on how far they intend to take it.

If they go down the route of making it like a Wii U gamepad I absolutely agree!

BigStef711868d ago

So are people gonna be saying now that Sony stole the idea of using Cloud gaming as the future from Microsoft? Im not trying to start anything but whenever Sony does something people say they stole the idea from either Nintendo or Microsoft

Belking1868d ago

"So are people gonna be saying now that Sony stole the idea of using Cloud gaming as the future from Microsoft? "

No, they didn't steal it but the cloud has been around for years. It's really not anything new. To be fair, this is about technology and sony isn't a technology corp. This is more MS's area so they probably have invested more into it.

Knight_Crawler1868d ago

You do realize that Sony bought Gaikai and Onlive came out before Gaikai -_-

BigStef711868d ago

I get what you are saying. I was trying to imply that everytime Sony has done something that has been different people just followed the path of Nintendo or Microsoft. For example Ps move and PS Allstars according to Nintendo fans are blatant rip offs and how Microsoft supposedly innovated with Kinect playstation had Ps eye first but nope people still think Microsoft innovated in that department. To be fair I know kinect is allot more advanced than ps eye but still they are similar. I just hope the same doesnt happen with cloud service by having people think Microsoft innvovated by going to it first when Sony Clearly was the first from the big three
I know I was just talking about them doing it first before the other two from the big three. I just hope people will realize they attempted it first not Microsoft. Regardless it should be interesting to see how each service will work

Knight_Crawler1867d ago

@Bigstef - " I just hope people will realize they attempted it first not Microsoft"

You mean Sony is going to attempt it as they have not attempted it we do not know for sure if Sony will implement this next or the year after which for all we know MS would have already done it on the 720 by then.

Just becuse Sony mentioned it first that does not mean that MS or Nintendo are doing becuase Sony said they were going to do it...remember that MS document that was floating around that mentioned cloud gaming, that document was leaked before Sony purchased Gaikai.

kma2k1868d ago

I would welcome cloud gaming if & only if they had a subscription model with xbox itself only, i would love to have a set say $20 per month to play all games available like gamefly but cloud instead of disc. I would not want anything to do with it if it was say you need a subscription with each individual publisher say $10 a month to play EA & $10 to play EA games F that!

palaeomerus1868d ago

I have 10 MBS so if it works well with that then good. If not...meh.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1868d ago

I've heard 720p/30 would require 5mbps and 1080p/60 would require 10mbps i believe. They will only start at 720p/30 until the infrastructure build up unless the scale to your connection.