What is the Wii’s Future After Wii U?

GenGAME writes: " The Wii U is Nintendo’s next step into the next generation of consoles, and with it comes one simple question. What is going to happen to the Wii?

"The Wii is still selling strong, with the new model still going off the shelves despite its lack of backward capability. Nearly everyone has a Wii somewhere in their house, so how long will we be seeing Wii games as Nintendo starts its shift into the HD gaming realm? There are also third party developers to take into account as well, though many seem to be twitching to get into development for the Wii U."

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LX-General-Kaos2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

For a nice portion of the Nintendo Wii entertainment system fan base, the experience will continue on for many years on that platform. More of the casual supporters that will most likely not purchase a new home console experience for an extended period of time. They will continue on, purchasing the extremely discounted Nintendo Wii entertainment system and many clearance gaming titles and accessories to go along with it to further their entertainment.

Then there are Nintendo gamers like me that have felt that this generation as a whole has gone on for far too long. I believe that newer, unique, and stronger hardware is desperately needed to further the progression of gaming. I am looking forward to the next generation purchase of the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Happily prepping all current generation platforms including the Nintendo Wii entertainment system for their much deserved cryostasis sleep. They have done their jobs for the last 6 to 7 years of my life, and it is time to move on to hopefully bigger and better experiences.

The next generation Nintendo Wii U entertainment system looks to have everything needed and necessary to officially retire the original Nintendo Wii entertainment system with no regrets. It even supports full backward compatibility for games and accessories to make sure there is no reason to remove its older brother from the stasis pod. The platform can safely remain in the closet.

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Chard2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

It will be interesting to see how the Wiimote gets supported on the Wii U Entertainment System, as it still has untapped potential for shooters and sword games. I see Black Ops 2 will support it. Maybe Disney will give us a good lightsaber game.

MurDocINC2211d ago

Would be nice if nintendo made the two work side by side for extra processing power or server for online games.

darthv722211d ago

will be supported on the wii-u as much as it is currently on the wii. seeing as the wii-u plays wii games and all

But i know what you were really meaning. As to the main topic, the wii will fade like the NES did. The Wii-u will dominate nintendo sales like the SNES.

It is the basic routine of things. Eventually you have to cut off the old and tired to promote the new and improved. When people see that they dont have to give up their games and accessories they used on the wii and can use them on the wii-u they will understand.

The logical choice for somone looking at both is obviously the wii-u. just as the likely choice for someone looking at 3ds or ds would be 3ds. In both examples, they can play their own games but more importantly they play the former as well.

Both examples represent the convenience that sony once offered with the ps3 playing ps2 games. And of course, the ps2 playing ps1 games. It's funny to look at something like BC and actually expect it to be incorporated into the next variation of system.

People often say, had sega offered that with the saturn to play sega cd's or the dreamcast to play both saturn and segs cd's it could have prolonged them in the console business.

The wii's "future" does not exist but the ideas that the wii brought to the table will continue. ex: wiiware, motion controls

MNGamer-N2211d ago

I will not be retiring my Wii to the closet, rather moving the system to another television in my home. My family is going to continue to play the wii games they like, while I play and controller hog my new WiiU system =D

Cam9772211d ago

The Wii:Mii? Wii is such a silly name in my opinion.

JokerFock2211d ago Show
deafdani2211d ago

Best way to put it. There's very little to no future for the Wii after the Wii U launches. I don't see it getting quite the same support that the DS got even after the launch of the 3DS, for instance.

Not saying this as an hater, just being realistic. I love my Wii, but it has run its course in the market long ago. The support for it has been terrible these last 2 years, and I don't see it getting any better when Nintendo and everyone else will be focusing their efforts on a new platform (Wii U).

Drummerdude412211d ago

To be modded by the xda developers into a device that can be used for higher education purposes. Or a doorstop.

DivineAssault 2211d ago

The wiis future is to be sitting at pawn shops, flea markets, & used game stores with 50% of the others that are there now

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