Need For Speed: Most Wanted: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku- Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a velocitized game. Its cruising speed is 50 miles per hour faster than any human could comfortably control, and it gets more done in three minutes than most games get done in three hours. At its best, it feels like a living thing, always pushing forward; harder, faster, onward to the next three minutes of terror and ecstatic velocity. It wants you to be playing it, always; your muscles tense, your fingers blistering, your heart in your throat. Never stop, it begs. Never stop.

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GuruStarr782206d ago

The most difficult aspect of this game (on vita, at least) is controlling your vehicle, while having to glance down at the mini map in thebottom left hand corner.... other than that, its a great game for vita owners!