Check Out Tales of Xillia 2's Opening Movie "Have a look at Tales of Xillia 2's opening movie."


Here it is in HD and better quality:

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izumo_lee2237d ago

Looking good! Ah it is nice to hear Ayumi Hamasaki once again singing the theme song. I really like Milla's new outfit though i hear this Milla is not the same one from the first game....hmmmm.

TroyTheBaker2236d ago

The Milla in red is not the same as the one in the first game, but the Milla in blue is the same one.

DivineAssault 2236d ago

Damn i want this game.. The U.S. hasnt even got part 1 yet SMDH.. Oh well, at least we are getting it.. Exclusive too which means its going to be optimized specifically for ps3 without lesser consoles holding it back

tiffac0082236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Oh gawd! Please announce the localization already!