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The PSP, Sony’s first foray into the portable gaming landscape had it rough for a while. There was no real standout piece of software that gamers seemed to want to get their hands on. Enter Monster Hunter. This is the series that helped the PSP dominate the Japanese market over the years. The next entry of the Monster Hunter series will not be coming to the PS Vita (opting for the Wii U and 3DS), which leaves Sony’s new handheld in a similar position to the PSP when it debuted. The newly released Ragnarok Odyssey though, an action-RPG highly inspired by Monster Hunter, is looking to fill that role itself.

- Trendy Gamers (PS Vita, Ragnarok Odyssey) 8.5/10

miyamoto  +   689d ago
You just can't put a good game down whether it sells bazillions or not.
TrendyGamers  +   689d ago
I don't think it will sell a bazillion, but it should do well.
miyamoto  +   689d ago
Yes Sir, Destructoid agrees with your review.

The Ragnarok Online universe is as rich as any major RPG franchise out there.

Game Arts, Xseed and Gungho just got a winner here.

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BringingTheThunder  +   689d ago
more vita games to buy after the holidays :)
DivineAssault  +   689d ago
Grandia & Lunar creators made this.. I know its good
Relientk77  +   687d ago
This game looks great

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