Modern Warfare 4 Rumours Are “Not True” Say Infinity Ward

"Earlier today, rumours were abuzz after a journalist claimed to have spoken to a voice actor from previous Modern Warfare titles. The voice actor claimed he’d been contacted for a Modern Warfare 4 but it seems Infinity Ward noticed."

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Son_Lee2236d ago

Of course it exists, but they aren't gonna try to take any of the shine away from Black Ops II since it's so close to release. They'll announce MW4 in February/March.

Neonridr2236d ago

MW4 is an inevitability. The real question will be, will it recycle the same tired engine again, or will they finally upgrade to something newer. And will it still be a current gen title? If it drops next fall then I would have to assume it would be current gen.

Son_Lee2236d ago

It has to be a new engine. I mean, they can't go with the same engine for the 5th game in a row. Even IW knows that. I hope.

Muffins12232236d ago

Well,next year looks like a next gen xbox release so im guessing it will either come out in November or December on next gen....that wont be able to use that bullshit 60fps excuse again for this game if its next gen,they will have to upgrade the engine.

CapsLocke2236d ago

They could easily make the same game on the same engine and not only get away with it but also get a ton of money, like always.

knowyourstuff2236d ago

Knowing how cheap Activision is, they won't upgrade the engine from the ground up, they'll just do some adjustments and make it look pretty good on next gen consoles. Also, it will be out for PS3, but not the 360, since we all know when Microsoft puts out a new console, they completely abandon the old one and force everyone still loyal to their brand to buy the new one, which is a hella smart business move if you want to push new tech with some force. Just like Call of Duty 3, you will see it on new consoles and Sony's old console.

Fishy Fingers2236d ago

But if they don't recycle the same old engine how will we recycle the same old comments about it?

paydayp2236d ago

if next gen comes next year and that is if.
it will be the same engine than this gen and will be on both the new gen and current systems.
only the new gen will have better textures and maybe some better animation.
i dont think it will be called mw4. they will drop the either the 4 or put ''new'' in front mw or something like that or maybe a whole new subtitle.
but thats only what i think

SolidStoner2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

I kinda like it that they release games so soon (knowing how waiting can be painful for some games). But COD is the only game I know that looks and feels so same after so many releases... so its a good thing for those who like the 1st game, and bad for those who want new experiences... just look how battlefield evolved compared to 1st games, those physics are awesome compared to glitching knifes and tomahawks in all cod's, same small number of maps... maps are so small that one battlefield capture point in Conquest can be full COD map easy, and thats the reason why I get tired of new COD after a month, buying new maps DLC is just stupid, you have to wait 3 months for it and then pay 15$ for 4 little tiny maps (it can include old maps, lol, just to lough at you!)(it should include all old cod maps at release in the first place, since its mainly same graphics).. (now my favorite MP game is BF3 period) after playing alot of COD... size does matters!

I still recommend COD as a good game to play for a while! it does have good online, for a month, then I recommend to sell it, move on, and wait for the next one! that way you will save time, money and nerves!

artdafoo2235d ago

Sorry kids, they been doing the same damn crap for ever and they will probably never do an overhaul. What for ? All the fanboys keep paying for the same rehash every year. As far as next gen goes theyll just let the new hardware make it look better so it will look like it does now on gaming PCs. You guys cab keep wishing and hoping.

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nofallouthero2236d ago

it would be cool if it did something new like aliens, space travel, or even time traveling to different points in history anything better than russun or arab terriost

bubblebeam2236d ago

I only agreed with your statement because it was funny. Whoever else agreed I hope did it for the same reason.

Because they are absolutely cheesy ideas lol.

It will come out. Remember them denying Black Ops 2? And taking down sites and their advertising because they spilled the beans?

SirBradders2236d ago

Why not Japanese ninja terrorists with friggin laser beams attaché to their heads

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Intentions2236d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA thats so funny, of course its real.

Unlimax2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Forget IW .. I CONFIRM THIS xD !

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