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While it can’t match the grandeur of its big brother’s namesake, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is a strong game in its own right. With an original story, sprawling environments, excellent use of the Vita’s touch capabilities and tons of bonuses to find, it’s sure to be a premiere game of the console for long to come.

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Kingthrash3602237d ago

while I totally agree with this review I think ur wrong about the graphics. I think the game looks amazing, I'm actually playing as I write this. Also comparing the game to console ac is unfair to this game due to the fact that it is a handheld and should be compared to other handhelds. This game is only 2gigs... That is a restriction a huge one compared to consoles where ac3 is 12+ gigs. For them to cram a stellar game with the biggest world in seen on any hand held is amazing. How is it compared to psp ac? As I said, I do agree with the score and other than the graphics and comparisons to consoles complaints, your spot on.