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The Gaming Vault writes:

"Painkiller Hell & Damnation is pretty much the antithesis of what shooters are like these days. A remake of Painkiller and Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell, the game doesn't have a military slant, it doesn't have some po-faced cloned narrative about saving the world and your bro’s from a terrorist aggressor and neither does it find itself tethering its gameplay to a relentless assault of in-game cut-scenes and QTE sequences designed to steal control away from the player.

Painkiller’s remit is simple; you go from room to room, unloading whatever weapon you at hand into the varied, ghoulish faces of an army bred in Hell and rinse and repeat until the next level and so on. It’s a basic, accessible premise that harkens back to the earliest days of the genre and Painkiller: Hell & Damnation fulfills its mandate ably, if not without a fair amount of flaws and archaic design decisions."

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borisfett2210d ago

Sounds like...

...a painful experience.

Badum tish!

Sidology2210d ago

Aw, bummer. I was pretty excited about this, too.

6 is still a decent score, though.