Darksiders II "struggling" to hit 2 million break-even point

THQ's Darksiders II was a top-seller in the US during August, but according to NPD it only sold 247,000 units. At the time, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter said that total sales are "probably over 1 million" and if his estimates are to be believed, the game hasn't really had many sales since then. In a new note to investors, he said the title has been struggling.

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Abash2210d ago

This is sad, more people need to support developers like these who make great games yet struggle to sell them

wastedcells2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Too bad it takes 2 million in sales to break even. There are plenty of great games that sell only a million. Hope this doesn't effect the development of games next gen because that would suck.

Temporary2209d ago

It's a damn shame really. I really enjoyed that title, and the first as well.

Artistic integrity has been in a downward slump for so long, that when people make a quality game the avg gamer cant even appreciate it anymore. They just want more CoD and keep things the same. Nice and easy.

DigitalAnalog2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

Problem is, this game is FAR from great. The looting system was a design choice to over-compensate for the lack of inspirational design and the obsessive number triple-quests. They seem to believe that "more worldz", "more environmenthh" = best gameplay experience which sadly - it's predecessor - has (though unpolished) in spades.

Secondly, the fact that they require above 2 million or so break-even much less continue to the franchise shows how contemptible their studio infrastructure is. Not even block buster titles like Uncharted NEEDS THAT many sales to gain profit. But before you say, bu bu bu da open-world. Yeah, open-world with the lack of variety of things to do shows how lacking they are win the creative output.

3-4-52209d ago

Not our fault they aren't efficient with their money.

2209d ago
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ceballos77mx2210d ago

Yet people complain on the focus of multiplayer by the developers.

sdozzo2210d ago

It was tons of fun, but maybe developers get in over their head and run the cost up too high. It's not the publics fault for not buying a game. Stop spending so much money to make it. They know their target audience and realistic expectations.

Captain Qwark 92210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

sad, amazing game.

lets continue to bitch and moan about yearly sequels and streamlining games yet keep buying them while games that actually took an effort to create and have some real depth get screwed.

this was one of the few sequels ive seen too where they actually made some real additions instead of just new levels and story

hard not to blame publishers for wanting to turn everything into cod

KUV19772210d ago

I bought the game but I really didn't like it as much as the first. To many changes... to open worldy, annoying looting and gear switching all the time. I still was hoping it would sell good enough to warrant a third part.

Psychonaughty2209d ago

Yeah I loved the first but the second was meh, I can't say I care for a third anyway.

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