Report Claims Xbox 360 Failure Rates at 16%

1UP reports: "There's been a lot of press about Microsoft's red ring problem. Estimates of the problem have been all over the map, and when he was working for Microsoft, Peter Moore referred to them as a moving target. Company estimates pinned it at a fairly normal 3%, while some retailers have put the percentage as high as 1/3 of all systems.

A new report claims the truth is somewhere in the middle. SquareTrade deals in selling warranties for electronics, and has amassed their over 1000 warranty claims to come up with some interesting data. The findings were a 16.4% failure rate of Xbox 360 systems, versus a roughly 3% rate for the Sony PlayStation 3 or the Nintendo Wii with sample sizes in the high hundreds. The well-known "Red Ring of Death" error accounted for about 60% of those hardware failures, and thus most system-breaking problems are covered by Microsoft's extended warranty plan".

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toughNAME3724d ago

but until Sony and Nintendo step it seems the 360 is still the best console out there

I have no doubt the PS3 will outsell its competitors in hardware and software sales in 2008, and as soon as some quality is added in multiple areas I'll throw Sony my $600

socomnick3724d ago

Yea I agree that that percentage is too high . I have to disagree with you concerning Ps3 outselling its competitors. The wii continues and will continue to the the #1 sold console in the world. The Xbox 360 needs a price cut to boost the sales in Europe the US is all sold out of the systems.

-EvoAnubis-3724d ago

Of course, by then, it won't be $600. Hell, it's not even $600 right now.

As far as Sony stepping up is concerned . . . you did see this year's line up for the PS3, right?

Now, on topic, I'll say that 16% is a hell of a lot better than 33%, but still unacceptable.

InYourMom3724d ago

The percentage is better but still too high. These are all based on "rough" estimates anyway. MS would never admit to the true failure rate, but at least we know it's getting better. The old systems are still prone to failure so there will always be someone crying about their RROD.

But yes, the 360 is still a damn good system and everyone I know with a 360 will continue to go thru the hassle just because they really like the system(games, featureset, community). None are entertaining the idea of purchasing a PS3. I've even said to a couple who were mad about the RROD to go buy a PS3, there answer was "no way!" and they've all played mine. Just something about it they don't like whether it's the controller, lack of features or just don't like the games.

Archaeox3724d ago

But thats still obselete technology, I mean seriously, how could a huge company like Microsoft alow something so defective onto the market and just for competition?

season0073724d ago

Since this is a news i consider this rough estimate is taken from recent sales.....

and i guess the 3% for both wii and playstation 3 is a damage control make up...hell, i don't even think PS3 and wii get 1% in failure rate.

actas1233724d ago

16% percent is better than the 35% the fist year of 360s release. However, I really thought the newer 360 systems are around 2-5% failure rate. 16% for the newer consoles is just a rip off.

Silver3603724d ago

they say that 16% is for the older boards. It is the older boards that have that failure rate.

moparful993724d ago

You guys cant read, this article is refering to "purchased warranties" This in no way takes into account all of the 360's returned directly to microsoft as outside companies cant track this number without microsoft giving it out. So 16% percent is the number of consoles with a purchased warranty being returned back to the retailer. Again someone trying to spin this in microsofts favor. Im so sick and tired of everyone and their mothers taking up for this piece of crap console.....

Statix3724d ago

They can spin it as much as they want, but even if the true failure rate is higher, the 16% figure still looks bad.

reaferfore203723d ago

Way too high of a percentage. But then again I'm on my third PS3. The first one screwed up within two days of be buying it, and the second about a month ago. I sent it in and a brand spanking new (refurb) PS3 arrived at my door in about a week. Microsoft could learn a thing or two from Sony's Warranty service. All in all though I see nothing but good things for both consoles by the end of this year.

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Bnet3433724d ago

Once they get rid of this problem, I wonder what will be complaning about next. This is the only really bad thing about Xbox 360.

Kyur4ThePain3724d ago

For me the remaining problems are:

- It's not an all-in-one package (wi-fi comes to mind).
- Noise. It just makes it come across as an unprofessional piece of equipment.
- Lack of built-in HD format. I never thought of this as a selling point until Sony included Blu-Ray.
- Having to pay for LIVE.
- The controller. I just don't like it.

Willio3724d ago

limited harddrive too. only 20g or 120g. no medium =(

crck3724d ago

Paying for live
All the ads slapped on your Dashboard
Having to wait for demos if you don't want to pay for live.
Sh!tty DRM when your 360 does die.
Ridiculously overpriced proprietary accessories.

Bnet3433724d ago

What you guys said isn't a problem. That's just you. Lack of built-in HD format makes me laugh because I don't watch movies, so why would I want the Xbox 360 to cost more? And if you have a PS3 you wouldn't be complaining about it Xbox 360 not having it since PS3 has one.

Bathyj3724d ago

My biggest problem isn't the console, its the way M$ treats us like chumps. Denying the faults, shutting us up with warranties, and generally just thinking they can buy every problem off.

None of that compares but to dumping 25M customers, leaving them with no games to play unless they bought an expensive new machine, and then having the nerve to talk about choice.

I can forgive Xbox's faults (other than the shocking reliably, it really should be recalled) but if M$ dumps 360 the way they did XB1 I'm done with them, and that from a guy who likes to buy every console every generation. I'm sure if it happens I'll miss a few games I really want but a line has to be drawn somewhere.

Mu5afir3724d ago

I am sorry if we aren't conformist, we like s&it to work.

SKullDugger3723d ago

The 360 has other issues like a poor quailty DVD drive to loud and no HD DVD or wi-fi and the HDD's are way to expensive $179.99 for 120GB I just bought a 160GB for my PS3 for $89.99 I admit there are alot of games! but the PS3 is gaining ground and had MS taken more time and testing this could have been the killer system.

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princejb1343724d ago

until xbox360 failure rate goes down to 2% i wont buy another system
already went thought 4 systems
and ps3 is not $600 its $400
also ps3 has outsold the 360 in every country except for north americ
and north america is were it really counts to sell your system
and wii continues to be #1 system
but for how long till people figure out wii has no good titles out there
i have a wii and only bought it for brawl but its been collecting dust for the past 5 months

Willio3724d ago

it will take time before parents finally realize all the games they are playing are accessible outside the house or in the past. With a limited 3rd party games and dependent on re-releasing 1st party games like zelda and mario all over again, the bubble will eventually burst.

princejb1343724d ago

they say the ps3 has %3 failure rate right now
i wonder how its gonna change when the new chip ibm made will be put in the systems

DEADEND3724d ago

Hey at least it went down by half.

N4G_Dude3723d ago

which is still unacceptable