The Revolution is Upon Us: Prepare For Assassin's Creed 3

4Player-"2007 saw the introduction of a franchise that in just five short years would become one of the biggest series of games this generation. Assassin’s Creed has changed the way we think of open-world action games and stealth games, and the space where those two genres intersect. The series is not without its critics, who remain skeptical about the annualization of the franchise, among other things. But speaking personally, there isn’t another sequel I look forward to more these days than the next Assassin’s Creed. So here we arrive at the release of, not just another page in the story of modern-day Desmond Miles and ancestors Altair and Ezio, but a brand new chapter to the saga as represented by the introduction of a new ancestor; Ratonhnhaké:ton (but you can call him Connor Kenway). So in celebration of tomorrow’s release, lets take a quick step back and see how Assassin’s Creed III will likely stack up compared to the rest of the series."

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