Mad Catz making officially licensed Halo 4 gaming headsets

Gaming peripheral maker Mad Catz is shipping a new range of licensed Halo 4 gaming headsets under its Tritton brand for the Xbox 360. Each headset in the range features themed Halo 4 graphics and bonus downloadable content (DLC).

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William51502236d ago

I have the Turtle Beach X11's and i figured it was time to upgrade to a new headset so i saw the headset thats in the picture here and i was like hmmm i think ill get i bought them...and when i got home i hooked them up and put Halo 3 in the xbox and started playing btb...while i was playing i noticed that i couldnt hear other peoples footsteps cuz the headsets bass was way too high and the treble was way too low...and everything seemed sounded as if my br was like far away when i was shooting it...and the headset sat on top of ur ears and it was very i took em back and got the x12's and the sound quality was waaaaaaay better than these trittons...and u can control the amount of bass that comes through the my advice is to stay away from trittons cuz this is the second pair that ive tried and disliked...go with the turtle beach headsets instead..theyre way better on terms of quality

Agent Smith2236d ago

Lol, I bought my TB X11's a little over 3 years now. Still works perfectly. Not bad for 50 bucks.

William51502236d ago

yeah my x11's worked well too lol i gave em to a friend who didnt have a headset...x11's and x12's are just amazing for the price =]

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That one guy 862236d ago

I grabbed this headset yesterday. My ears are trying to adjust to having something over them constantly, but they are nice. I haven't tested the voice chat, with game sound yet. The sound quality is crisp and clear. Looking forward to testing these on Halo 4 next week.