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Ragnarok Odyssey is a role-playing hack-n-slash video game for the PlayStation Vita system. It is based on the universe of the MMORPG Ragnarok Online and it contains many elements of Norse mythology. It was released on February 2nd 2012 in Japan, and in North America on October 30th 2012. Ragnarok Odyssey takes place in the Norse-inspired setting of the Kingdom of Rune Midgard, which is now under threat from beasts from the other side of the destroyed mountain range. Your created character, the new recruit that everyone has heard about, joins the ranks with the protagonist characters to help defend the Kingdom of Rune Midgard.

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miyamoto2211d ago (Edited 2211d ago )

"Ragnarok Odyssey is still an amazing game and is potentially my PS Vita game of the year."

No score but great points is good enuff for me.
What matters is its gameplay value.