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Saving the princess is a motif that seems to have been around in video games since their inception. Mario, Link, and countless other characters have all taken up arms in order to save their princess in distress. Dokuro uses this same aspect to bring together a fun, yet frustrating puzzle game onto the PlayStation. Despite the issues, Dokuro offers a fair amount of entertainment and creativity for $19.99.

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rolandfurious2175d ago

I'd rather see a Princess save a Prince in distress. Or a Prince save a Prince. Or a Princess save a Princess. Or a Price save a Robot. Or heck, any other possible permutation of this paper-thin story element.

rolandfurious2175d ago

More than just Super Princess Peach!

BringingTheThunder2175d ago

might have to wait for a sale on this one

Dante1122175d ago

Yeah, $20 bucks seems like a bit much to me as well.

TrendyGamers2175d ago

Maybe it'll be added to PS+ next month?

Relientk772173d ago

^ It will probably be added for PS+ users