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Forza Horizon is the fifth game in the Forza Motorsport series, and the first Forza side-game. Forza Horizon is a game full of firsts; it’s the first open-road Forza, and the first Forza not to developed exclusively by Microsoft’s in-house studio Turn 10. Instead, it’s a collaboration between Turn 10 and upstart UK developer Playground Games. If Horizon is anything to go by, it looks like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the two dev teams.

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rolandfurious2208d ago

The XP Booster Packs that cost real money, and the $50 DLC package they want people to buy right out of the gate doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

I don't think Season Pass DLC is good in any case. Remember Max Payne 3's DLC season pass? A great idea in theory, right? Too bad the multiplayer community has really petered off.

TrendyGamers2208d ago

The Forza car packs are usually done really well though.

mewhy322208d ago

Best racer on any platform right now.

FordGTGuy2208d ago

None of the DLC is required to play the full game and the DLC only adds to the experience other players that don't own the DLC are not affected by it.

Of course they want people to buy DLC just like when a company makes a console they want people to buy games it helps make them money and that money usually goes toward developing more games.

greenpowerz2208d ago

What the hell are you ranting on about? What about the review?

Almost sounds like talking points PS3 fanboys use. Enjoy the full game. The reviews are good. You don't have to buy DLC now or in the future

rolandfurious2207d ago

It's a great review, Adam Wilson's a fantastic writer. That doesn't mean I can't have an opinion.

Also, you should be careful not to rant yourself if you're going to accuse someone of ranting.

AdamWilco2207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

This was the reason I tried to stay away from the Season Pass in the review. I don't like Season Passes all that much myself, but it's non-essential to the game. However, in Horizon's case, it may well be worth it as all six planned monthly car packs and the Rally expansion total out to about 3400 MSP, just a few bucks short of $49.99. The XP booster's a rip-off though, as are pretty much *all* bonus-extortion ticket DLCs.

Depending on how big the Rally expansion turns out to be, I may well do a separate review on it too, just to see whether or not it's worth the $20.

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BringingTheThunder2208d ago

i'm picking nfs:mw over forza right now

FordGTGuy2208d ago

You're missing out on a great game.

BringingTheThunder2208d ago

i know. i'm just waiting till its cheaper and i have more time.

FordGTGuy2208d ago

Fair enough, believe me I completely understand being tight on money and time.

Both look to be great games have fun!

Dante1122208d ago

Same here. Never could get into Forza (especially after my cousin put me on to GT5). I'll probably give it a rent to be sure though (heard alot has changed in this Forza game).

Blankman852208d ago

And we need to know this because. . .

mewhy322207d ago

I'm not sure why my comment below was tagged as trolling?????? I simply played both games and made an honest comparison....Wow...

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