Full Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Week Of October 30th, 2012

Being that today is Tuesday and a lot of launch day DLC has come out for the new releases (along with the deluge of Street Fighter x Tekken costumes), our Full Xbox Live Marketplace Update is overrun with extra content.

- Trendy Gamers

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BringingTheThunder2179d ago

i feel bad for the people who buy those costume packs for street fighter

Dante1122179d ago

Same here. Wish Capcom gave some DLC away for free. Atleast for one of their titles.

TrendyGamers2179d ago

Or at least make the complete packs a huge savings over buying them separately.

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vitorizzo2179d ago

games on demand are so overpriced...

NegativeCreepWA2179d ago

Never knew selling stuff at retail was over priced.

TrendyGamers2179d ago

Yeah, I've seen Downpour for much cheaper in stores.

Relientk772177d ago

Yeah, would like to see some