'Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation' review: pushes the PS Vita to its limits | Complex

Complex: "Liberation isn't a bad game. Aesthetically, it's superb, for a portable. And it's got plenty of good ideas. But many of them, like the "personas" system, are marred by major flaws. As a result, it's just not the best game that it could have been."

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TheGamingArt2086d ago

Well, besides having a poorly arranged site... pushing to the limits? Really?

bothebo2086d ago

So true, it ain't even running at native resolution.

Lord_Sloth2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

How do we know it's not just poorly optimized like Crysis?

And I'm not scrolling through 5 pages to read 3 paragraphs of review per page.

RogueCheddar2086d ago

You want everything laid out in front of you, go buy a magazine. You want things for free, click four extra times. That simple.

SilentNegotiator2086d ago

Except the sites I visit only require one.

Lord_Sloth2086d ago

Or just...Ya know...The writers could try and be somewhat organized.

cpayne932086d ago

Are you kidding? Five pages is too many clicks for such tiny paragraphs. It's ridiculous.

mafiahajeri2086d ago

Thank god isn't the only gaming news provider in the world.

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DivineAssault 2086d ago

sound is too compressed, resolution is lowered, some tech issues (which all ac games have), & the story is broken.. 8/10 is adequate for it but i still have around 4 more hrs to go so idk.. I like it & the multiplayer in it shouldnt effect the score no matter how stupid it is.. I didnt even know it was gonna have multiplayer...

extermin8or2086d ago

It needs an engine designed for vita not just a port of ancil next or a portr of naughty dogs uncharted engine etc when sony said it was a handheld console devs got confused and took that to mean they should use their main console engine instead ofbnew optimisedbones :/