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Assassin's Creed 3 Gets $60 Worth Of DLC Today

Assassin's Creed III launched today for the PS3 and Xbox 360, complete with $60 worth of DLC. (Assassin's Creed III, PS3, Xbox 360)

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rolandfurious  +   907d ago
What the heck, Ubisoft. Man, I must be getting old. I remember when games included Cheat Codes to allow you to do stuff like this for free!
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Soldierone  +   907d ago
And you could but the Cheat discs for maybe 10 dollars and unlock literally everything in 20 different games....lol

Imagine paying for it today, you'd be broke within an hour.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   907d ago
Meh... microtransactions

AC doesn't need them... its more or less for people who don't have the time, or just want to get all the stuff easier without grinding

"The first is the Gameplay Pack for 1200 MSP ($15). This one grants you immediate access to all gameplay elements, disregarding your current level. It also contains all sets, abilities, perks, streaks and bonuses."

Thats gamebreaking since the game pairs you up with similar levels
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TheRealSpy  +   906d ago
cash-grab game.

glad i decided not to rush into getting it.
HappyGaming  +   906d ago
$15 Dollars to unlock content already on the disc?
Soldierone  +   906d ago
@Gumtrol No. to do things you were too lazy to do or figure out on your own lol

And its funny how it says but, instead of buy haha my bad
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SilentNegotiator  +   907d ago
$60 worth of DLC and a patch for 44 known issues on day 1? Oh man.....and I thought ME3 was a good representation of this industry's issues. This at least matches or comes close, and that's quite sad.
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kaozgamer  +   906d ago
wtf ubisoft?!? i dont mind dlc but i hate dlc that comes out on the launch day. they could have put it on the disk. it just shows how money greedy they are.
geth1gh  +   906d ago
And now I finally see the reason for the creation of achievements and trophies. Slowly get people addicted to it over the years.

Then "Cheat codes? Yea your not gonna get any of these sweet achievements/trophies with those."

"If pay us $30 though...."

Talk about getting hustled.
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Marcello  +   906d ago
WTH !! ok so you have bought the game & now you pay to have everything your supposed to get from playing the game, so is there any point in playing ??

Its the same as buying the game then paying to have Ubisoft show you the ending.

DLC is getting well out of hand.
HappyGaming  +   906d ago
The problem I have had with this kind of unlocks whether it came as a free cheat code or in this case paid content was that as soon as I cheated to unlock everything it would be exciting for an few hours while I tried everything new but VERY soon the whole game would get really boring and pointless because I had already acquired everything.

I remember buying coins for my the Shushi cutting game on my phone and although I loved the game the day I bought the coins and unlocked everything was the day I stopped playing it.
f789790  +   906d ago
I stopped buying Ubisoft and Capcom games. They just seem to be the worst when it comes to DLC.
BringingTheThunder  +   907d ago
those packs should be $5, not $15
Dante112  +   907d ago
Lol. Seems like every gaming company is pounding their customers with DLC nowadays. Miss the old days where all of a game's content was on disc and available to use from day one.
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azshorty2003  +   907d ago
It still boggles my mind that they charge so much for something that costs almost Nothing to distribute. Yes Microsoft gets their percentage cut, but theres no packaging costs.

If they charged $5 instead of $15 or $1 instead of $5, etc. I think they'd be surprised at how many more people would be willing to buy DLC, and it may turn out to be more profitable then gouging large amounts out of a select group.
Kurt Russell  +   906d ago
I would have been pissed off if paintball mode had of cost £'s on goldeneye!
shodan74  +   907d ago
$60 of launch DLC? Ridiculous.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   907d ago
Microtransaction credits, for the people who don't want to play the game, or have no time
WalterWJR  +   906d ago
Why is it ok for these big publishers to try and scam us like this? I fell for this when I was younger, I was made to buy new halo maps to be able to carry on playing free for all games. 1 BR disc can fit everything and more. As for microsoft 1 HDDVD could have fit everything. £$£$ cows.
TheRealSpy  +   906d ago
it's not a scam. you don't have to buy.

why is it okay for consumers to act like mindless drones that buy stuff without thinking? it's not!

the reason companies think they can get away with it...it's cuz consumers allow them to get away with it.
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MasterD919  +   907d ago
Sounds like aside from the season pass the other two packs are worthless. They just give you instant access to everything in-game, which would take away the fun of earning it in the campaign anyways...what is the point?
dubt72  +   907d ago
Because little kids, who shouldn't be playing this anyway, want to cruise around god-mode style.
MasterD919  +   907d ago
Just seems wrong, dumb, pointless...etc.

But hey, someone probably bought it today. Kudos to them for wasting away half the price of a new game on shortcuts.

I thought the point of buying a game was to play, not to skip through it like there is no tomorrow...but to each is own I suppose.
Sp1d3ynut  +   906d ago
...and probably singing "O,O,O,O-O..Ownin' God-mode style". :(
Conzul  +   906d ago
Well, assassin's creed games don't have a bonus-play mode. If you play through and restart the game, you still start with the basics even though you already beat it. It's fun sometimes to kick the ass of an early boss who gave you trouble the first time around.

Agree though, putting this as 1st playthrough accessible is silly.
Outsider-G  +   907d ago
Those packs are unnecessary and not worth it. I'd rather play the MP and earn the rewards rather than waste 30$.
Conzul  +   906d ago
Yeah, well, enjoy playing against everyone else who didn't :-P

Jinkies  +   907d ago
I know people don't want to admit it, the same happened with Activision, Capcom and Square ENix last gen when people saw it coming but Ubisoft are on their way to become like one of them...a greedy, money hungry company that will do anything for sales. If they continue doing this sort of stuff by next gen the AC series will decline and their games will start becoming average like Activisions.

Bad enough they're so focused with AC to make a sequel to the Prince of Persia with it's cliff hanger epilogue DLC
STK026  +   907d ago
"on their way"? Ubisoft has been about as greedy as any other major publisher for quite a few years. Ubisoft has milked every single franchise they have, we've had 5 AC console games this generation (which is pretty close to Call of Duty), they stripped everything Tom Clancy in their "Tom Clancy's" game line-up to make it into nothing more than your run of the mill military franchise (mostly Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon). They made plenty of quick cash-ins on the DS (mainly the Petz series) and other platforms.

In other words, Ubisoft is not becoming greedy, they have been greedy for many years now.
Dark_Overlord  +   906d ago
Totally agree, I brought the Prince Of Persia and Splinter Cell HD collections, the games are both horribly broken. I contacted customer support, to surmise the reply I'd say it was 'We have your money so F*** you'. They refuse to even acknowledge widely complained about problems.
Skate-AK  +   907d ago
I wonder who will spend $30 to unlock everything you normally would from playing the game.
azshorty2003  +   907d ago
Some annoying 12 year old so he can gloat and talk trash till others get there by earning it and kick his ass till he cries and goes back to CoD
J_Cob  +   907d ago
Sad but true.
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Acquiesc3  +   907d ago
Wow (in a bad way).
millzy102  +   907d ago
because people don't play games anymire. the'll rather be kitted out to just run through and kill every one so there's more time to play online.
cleft5  +   907d ago
Season passes and dlc is the future and a bleak one at that. But so long as people eat up the dlc from companies like Gearbox, don't be surprised when other gaming companies attempt to get their share of the pie too.
ThichQuangDuck  +   907d ago
This just deters me from buying their game. Oh well I will be buying Hitman Absolution, I hope for historical DLC for it but doubt it
ThichQuangDuck  +   906d ago
I don't think you can assassinate presidents in video games,but JFK, Hitler and other figures in a game that I thought creed was going ot do would be amazing.
kma2k  +   907d ago
Ive played all the AC series, never bought a single piece of DLC & never plan to. The only ones ive been interested in ive watched the cut scenes on youtube.
ThichQuangDuck  +   907d ago
At the end of the day it is whether the 60$ game is worth it fo Ir the gamer who is playing it. When 60$ of DLC day one it makes a gamer naturally nervous, even though if they did not announce this DLC for months it would be the same affect. I personally like the Alternate HIstory DLC idea
dragonrage00  +   907d ago
You would have to be either very rich or very stupid to pay 30$ to get overpowered early.
NegativeCreep427  +   907d ago
Why does it have to be one or the other?
Just because your rich doesn't mean you're smart or educated. Most "rich" people don't even earn their fortunes and are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and a golden diaper on their a$$. Mitt Romney, no offense.
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mynameisEvil  +   907d ago | Well said
Well, considering Mitt Romney graduated from Harvard in the top third of his class in law and was in the top 5% of his class for business, which made him a Baker Scholar.

And, sorry to say, but a stupid person couldn't have done what Romney had done with businesses. Without him, there wouldn't be Staples, Domino's, Sealy, Duane Reade, Brookstone, Goody's, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, Burlington, Toys R Us, etc.

Finally, Mitt Romney is often called, "the smartest guy in the room." How often are YOU called that?

With that said, stop inserting politics where it's not needed. And if you do so, do it with respect.

ZoyosJD  +   906d ago

95%+ of Harvard graduates are from a families that has been attending and donating to the school for the past 100+ years.

In a room of random people with a random goal the 80/20 factor comes into play. 20% percent of the people to 80% of the work.

In other words 20% of people could do the same or better than any other person in terms of accomplishments if they were born in the same or a better situation.

But, only about .01% are born into such circumstances.

Regardless of how capable you really are, if you are born wealthy it is much easier for your family to stay wealthy.
NegativeCreep427  +   907d ago
double post.
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WetN00dle69  +   907d ago
Might get the Season Pass. That King Washington DLC sounds quite interesting.
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azshorty2003  +   907d ago
Yea. thats the one im looking forward to the most. Very cool concept.
BigStef71  +   907d ago
GOTY edition
The_Nameless_One  +   907d ago
This is getting disgusting.
ufo8mycat  +   907d ago
Why would you ruin the game by purchasing DLC to unlock everything at the start?

One aspect I enjoy is progression and unlocking new things as you progress

Why would you ruin this?
SageHonor  +   907d ago
Glad i didnt buy this
Max-Zorin  +   906d ago
Whoever idea it was for DLC need to be kicked in the head.
edwoods  +   906d ago
why dont u all stop whining. dont buy the game. take a stand against the tyrannical greed. but please stop ur bitching. companies have every right to do this despite how immoral it is. use the free market to boycott this shitty company. i was going to buy this game but now i wont. i dont care if the game is a ff7 remake...no matter how good it is i will boycott any company that does these practices until it is abolished

it may never be abolished but i will never, in my own life surrender to such conformity of being a compulsive idiot who uses mommy's credit card to let companies like this steal money from me.
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KumquatGOATBEEF  +   906d ago
Can people please just not buy this? Game companies keep doing this because we keep buying it. We can b**** and moan all we want about it but if we buy it Ubisoft still is laughing all the way to the bank.

What happens if you buy it now then all of a sudden you're level 50 in a few weeks or a month or two? You're $30 poorer and back to where you started. And for what? To have good stats and to dominate people at the beginning? Do you really care about something that virtually has no benefit to you in real life at all?

These are sad times for gaming. For anyone purchasing this just realize you're paying $90 for an already completed game. If you find that fun... God help us all.
MrGunny94  +   906d ago
This is sad... very sad...
violents  +   906d ago
Unlock everything Dlc's are a joke. Your supposed to get a higher level in a game because you earned it not because you bought it. High levels should come from practice and experience. For multiplayer it makes an even bigger problem because any joker can walk in and unlock everything at the drop of a hat and all the hard work you put into your character(because you have something called personal integrity)absolutley worthless, because hes kicking your butt all over the place because he bought the unlock that gives him all the best weapons and moves. It just turns games into pay to win and thats greedy moves from ubisoft and lazy gamers with no real sense of integrity or honor. I know it sounds oldschool but how can you be proud of things you don't earn?
Bumpmapping  +   906d ago
They know there MP sucks,people wont be playing it because they like it or because they want to get the highest level.Seriously AC has one of the worst MP this generation,top that off they added trophies to it lmao.Single player is great though.
violents  +   906d ago
I liked the MP in brotherhood but it felt like it was lacking something. But the SP is always awsome, lots of fun and variety(outside of the orignal AC)
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   906d ago
im guessing the DLC is already on the disc, what you are downloading is a file to open the dlc on the dic, lol
red2tango  +   906d ago
Thanks for the spoiler picture
Simco876  +   906d ago
I remember when I used to use cheat codes in old games to get overpowered. Dropped the fun of the game down about 95%. Won't be getting this, but will probably get the season pass, just for good ol' King Washington.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   906d ago
this justifies piracy
slugg  +   906d ago
The thing about
DLC, on disc or off, season pass, whatever, is that it is optional. I would rather have the DLC model in place that for game companies to make the next-gen systems unable to play used games. But if both are in effect, then I am done gaming.
KMCROC  +   906d ago
TheUndertaker85  +   906d ago
Wow, this is just stupid.

No, not Ubisoft releasing this DLC either.

So... When did gamers start becoming the police of gaming content? I mean lets cut the bullshit. There isn't anything in those packs that isn't available in the main game. There's no real bonus, there's no perk. All this does is unlocks items sooner rather than later. People are either going to be willing to pay for this or they aren't. Either they're going to want to take the easier way out and just buy into the DLC or they'll work toward getting it all.

I do think they might've released this a little too soon though. Waiting for players to put up levels in the multiplayer first would've been better, that way at least things would be more evenly balanced.
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