3-Minutes of New Super Mario Bros. U Gameplay Footage

GameXplain: "Last week, we were able to capture about an hour of New Super Bros. U footage! Unfortunately, Nintendo would only allow us to show about 3-minutes of it. But youll see a lot in them, such as footage of the World Map, chasing down a new creature called Nabbit, and the return of the P-Wing (in the form of an Acorn!)"

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newsguy2157d ago

Can't wait to play this game.

drock_2442157d ago

looks really great I like the idea of the chase levels a lot.

lilbroRx2157d ago

It looks great, but when did 37 seconds become 3 minutes?

beerkeg2157d ago

There's a few more videos on the actual site, the video embedded is just one of them.

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