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Excerpt: "The storyline follows Daniel and his wife Catherine who were killed in a car accident in the dead of night with a thunderstorm raging. Daniel’s wife is being held from ascending to heaven from Death until he collects 6,666 souls, defeat 4 Generals, and then Catherine will be let go. You will quickly forget the incidental story as I did, because simply it isn’t that reliant on the narrative other than to serve the purpose of handing you an arsenal’s worth of death dealing weapons that will carve, cut, sever, and otherwise mutilate your enemies into pulp.

The forever badass stakegun returns in HD glory as it’s high-intensity and slow fire-rate deliver a powerful blow that will pin anyone to a wall. Other weapons fall into medieval torture category while following basic gun archetypes such as rocket launchers, machine guns, grenade launchers, and even a melee weapon. Each weapon has it’s own alt-fire such as shooting electricity, raising the dead, or slowing enemies. That ammo is a rare find, but well worth expending into your foes. There is even a weapon called the Painkiller, the primary fire delivers pain by slicing and the alt-fire providing pain as the top part sticks to a surface and links a laser back to the other half, great for getting kills through a doorway. New to the Painkiller series is the Soulcatcher, when combo fired, will raise the fallen enemies to fight on your side for a short time – the primary fire shoots a devastating sawblade."

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