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"The Assassin’s Creed series has become one of the biggest sellers for Ubisoft. The first game spawned tie-in games for the Nintendo DS and PSP, and the second game spawned two direct sequels as well as a tie-in game on the DS. Now Assassin’s Creed III is out, but the Vita is getting its own Assassin’s Creed experience. Get ready for Liberation."

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Xof2117d ago

How is tacked-on multiplayer a negative for a single player game?

Anyway, AC3L has one big advantage over AC3 in the two hours I've spent with both titles: no game-breaking bugs.

smashcrashbash2117d ago

You know they have to treat it in the most harsh way possible since it's a VITA game.If it were for the other handheld it would be getting 9's all around and any frame rate problems or multplayer issues would be shrugged off and ignored.

Hovis2117d ago

I still do not see the appeal of trying to make a big console port (basically) for a handheld console.

They just aren't meant to be.

MaxXAttaxX2117d ago

You don't know what a port is, do you...

Besides, console-type games have been around on handhelds since the first GameBoy. These are possible thanks to the controls.
If you want games that can't be replicated on consoles, play touch-only phone or tablet games.

Hovis2117d ago

I meant 'port-like-thing'.

I should've made it clearer, sorry about that but the point still stands.

Why would you want to play ass creed or say uncharted on your vita when the no doubt better console version is available for the same price?

What a handheld game should be is like the mobile gaming apps we see today: something quick to start, easy to play and quick to put down because the point of handheld gaming is to allow someone to play on the move.

But if you are say on the train, it means that you're waiting for your platform so when it comes you want to end your gaming session, get off and walk to the exit.

With games currently on the Vita and 3DS they're trying to emulate the success of console gaming even though console gaming is about setting time aside in your house to play a game uninterrupted.

I'm not saying that these games are bad but that they are trying to fill a void in the gaming market where there is no need for one.

If all the sales pick up etc then I'm prepared to be proved wrong but currently the success of angry bird and fruit ninja (2 games pluck from the air) would prove my theory about 'quick to start, easy to play and quick to put down' as correct.

If people wanna play a game with really good graphics, massive open world and such then I don't think handhelds are where they should be looking.

Hope that makes sense.

(r21 see this comment)

r212117d ago

Thats where you are wrong, it isnt a port. Its a spin off handheld exclusive build for the ps vita.

ndl15312117d ago

@hovis look bro you obviously dont own a 3ds or a vita because you would know that if you are playing you vita at a train station and you gotta go you simply push the power button quickly and it goes into sleep mode and when ur ready to play again you simply push it again and you begin where you left off same for the 3ds all you do for that one is close it and when you wanna resume just flip it open very simple see its not so complicated man