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It's a near perfect amalgamation of both the Burnout and Need for Speed series, Criterion have simply outdone themselves and set a massive bar from which not only racers, but all Vita games will now have to compare to. This is what the Vita can do.

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JoGam2149d ago

Im getting the digital copy today.

GuruStarr782149d ago

vehicle handling really sucks in the beginning, hopefully it gets better as the game progresses... it feels very 'floaty'..

rezzah2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Would you prefer very floaty or very stiff? and why.

I want another's opinion on the which could be better.

El_Colombiano2149d ago

I does take a little getting used to but it plays very well.

DivineAssault 2149d ago

the game was given to them for review so they praised it in hopes of continuing to get free games to review... Not that i think its a bad game cuz i bought it today but its not perfect 5/5.. 4/5 is a bit more logical & its still good.. The console version has more detail & btr textures to bring it to life.. I understand its a handheld so i would say only 1 point off for performance & visuals.. maybe 1/2

TKCMuzzer2149d ago

The visuals should be judged against other hand held games, not full blown console versions. There are to many reviewers doing this. Review a game for what it is not what others are.

In other words, if there was no console version you would not deduct any points for the graphics as you would be impressed with them.

YoungPlex2149d ago

I would agree 100% with the both of you but sadly the game is marketed, advertised, and even titled, the same as the console version, complete with some console functionality. It would've been nice if the Vita version was NOT the exact same and actually a different game like AC: Liberation or Uncharted. The fact that there is a small difference in price between the two and not bundled together, makes it difficult to justify a purchase on the handheld version over the console, unless you only have one or the other. Me personally I would want a racing game on the go, but also like playing online with multiple people something that the Vita is incapable of. Either way it's great that the game had all the content.

kopicha2149d ago

be it same game or different game. in the first place the handheld version should never be compared to the console version in a review. maybe just for general discussions on their differences is fine. but not at a point to penalize the Vita or get demerit from the scoring perspective. that is an extremely unfair thing. it is like almost no console games should ever get a 9/10 or 10/10 because when there is a PC counterpart the console usually suck from technical perspective. but hardly that's the case. yet Vita is getting such treatment which is an obvious bias for anyone that do that. on a side note, hardly ever one non-bias review actually give merit to the fact that this is as close as you can get for a on the go experience. in such aspect, at least at this point of time no one gets close to Vita in terms of the same level of experience. most reviewers/people are just looking at things in the wrong way that they should. and that is sad on how the gaming scene have gone to today.

CalvinKlein2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

how about you compare it to the ipad version(different and worse game with no real controls, not a port of the console version) and 3ds versions(not on 3ds)? Well its far better than those so what? You gonna say a gaming laptop with an xbox controller is a better portable than the VITA next?

Also its $20 cheaper than the console version for the same game but with toned down visuals. Vita cant and will never do ps3 visuals, reviewers and cry babies need to get over that and review the VITA games as what they are, portable.

SandWitch2149d ago

I think you are wrong. This is the best looking portable racing game yet. It should not be bashed for having less graphical details than console versions. So if the gameplay is good, I see no reasons why this game can't be 5/5.

Jihaad_cpt2148d ago

Exactly if that was the case. Console versions should be marked down for not having PC graphic fidelity.

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spok222149d ago

I find it crazy that some people are complaining about the some of the minor stuff like the traffic and graphics. Not only are we basically getting the console version on the go but we are getting it for $20 dollars cheaper!

joffa812149d ago

Not here in the UK it's not !!!

Here in the UK the ps vita version is about £1.50 - £2.00 cheaper which works out $2 - $4 if that. So here in the UK the vita version is almost the same price as the console version which sucks quite a bit.

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