Halo 4 - Solace Multiplayer Map Walkthrough With 343i

Halo 4 lead multiplayer map designer Kynan Pearson takes us on a tour of the "Solace" map.

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Irishguy952114d ago ShowReplies(3)
MrGunny942114d ago

To be honest? I wasn't expecting 343 would manage to do what they did with Halo 4.

I was afraid that they would somewhat destroy the Halo universe, but they managed to surpass what Bungie did

Graphic wise it's looking awesome and storywise/gameplay i'm waiting to see but so far so good.

Good Job 343 i'm impresed

Lvl_up_gamer2114d ago

What 343i have done with the Halo franchise is mind blowing. I don't think anyone thought 343i would have raised the quality in a Halo game this gen so much more above what Bungie has given us.

to add to that, the amount of content that Halo 4 has packed into it is astounding.

MS clearly knew what they were doing when the let Bungie go and created 343i. MS must have known that Bungie could only take Halo so far and that in order to have Halo move forward and grow, some new key members would be needed. Some of which have experience in Hollywood productions.

I can only imagine what 343i will be able to do on the next gen Xbox.