In Defence of: Lauren Wainwright

Corruption, controversy, Rab Florence – All that and a bag of crisps. Wesley Copleand joins the discussion about Lauren Wainwright and puts forth the unpopular opinion in defence of.

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cleft52031d ago

I wonder how many people are jumping to her defense simply because she is a woman. Just a little while ago tons of people where jumping all over that game "journalist" guy that questioned Felicia Day contribution and called her a glorified booth babe, which was intended as an insult. That guy got so much grief for his stupid comments that it ended up costing him his job.

Now this Lauren goes out and does this, yet many people are willing to defend her and say how she made a mistake because she was inexperienced.

Let me be clear, how that guy treated Felicia Day was clearly wrong and he got what he deserved. I just feel that what this Lauren did was equally wrong and she shouldn't be defended and have a bunch of excuse made for her wrongdoing. Also, the sexist comments she received was completely out of line, but keep in mind that the guy who insulted Felicia Day got a lot of sexist comments directed at him too.

I am just saying that there shouldn't be a double standard for Lauren. If folks do something wrong than they should suffer consequences for their actions. The reason being that there are a lot of other women and men in similar roles as Lauren who don't behave in a clearly corrupt manner. Those people end up getting overlooked while a corrupt individual gets ahead of them and I don't think that is right at all. Lauren got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, lets not make excuses for her.

Alos882031d ago

He told it like it is and paid the price. Maybe he shouldn't have used her real name, but even then he was addressing an important and often ignored issue.
If he was in the wrong, it wasn't nearly as wrong as what she was doing.