David Vonderhaar’s expert advice on how to get ahead in Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer

In just a couple of weeks, Activision Blizzard‘s Call of Duty: Black Ops II will debut in a bid to continue the series’ record as the fastest-selling video game of all time. To do that, the multiplayer version of the game will have to hold the attention of gamers for months as they frag each other with all sorts of weaponry. And the responsibility for getting multiplayer right lies with David Vonderhaar, the game design director at Treyarch, the studio that is making Black Ops II.

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here is my tip;

1. Switch on your laptop or desktop while playing.
2. Open up a few tabs and start playing Youtube videos.
3. Start streaming some music.

Basically you want to bottleneck your connection as much as possible.

Now sit back and watch as you turn into god-mode.

Ok, I have not played Blops2 but if the network code is anything like MW3 or the first Blops, then it should work no problem.

DarkTower8052116d ago

Netcode is different, only players with similar connections will be paired up.

DARK WITNESS2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

what do you mean Netcode is different. By netcode I meant the Network code.

How games are played online/over lan etc is affected by the network code ( feel to correct me and explain if I am wrong )

Did you not see the gameplay video of them playing over Lan, and still there were issues with delay timing etc.

@ Rickyhiggity

agree.. I don't think being based on ping is going to make much difference and if it is then people will be able to do what they do now in MW3. Bottleneck the connection.

It's the lag compensation they need to fix. does not matter if the game matches based on ping or region, just watching the videos of gameplay it is clear there are still issues.

supersonicjerry2116d ago

Its now based on ping instead of region.

RickHiggity2116d ago

If it's based on ping, the solution is still simple. Just wait for the match to start, then download as much as possible. Or camp

EastBayPunk2116d ago

Shoot other players before they shoot you.. and play the objective.. wait, scratch that second part..

jmc88882116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Well now the objectives add to getting kill streaks, so not playing the objective won't be as advantageous.

Look for the best firepower/aim weapon. I.E. the one that deals the most damage while it's aim degrades the least.

For MW3 it was the gun that had the 3 bullet burst. Type 25 I think? Of course it depends on your play style. Snipers and lay down machine gunners might want something different, and ultra sprinters usually like a dual weapons (and sometimes dual wielding) sub-machine gun/shotgun setup.

I agree with perks like ghost, scavenger, and depending on what kill streaks you like and how far you get while going on a run the perk that decreases the kill count of a kill streak by 1. I agree with the faster aim down sight. The reload is a bit of a mixed bag, because even if you reload with a perk, you're usually dead UNLESS they run out right at the same time AND no one comes around also.

But all of this is somewhat up in the air since they took away some perks, added others, changed some killstreaks (which may alter what perks are needed), and slightly nerfed some perks that are still there.

Should be some good figuring out. I rarely used my sidearm, so I might use a perk that allows me to switch that out for something else. I'd like another real grenade over flashbang.

Should be alot of fun.

venom062116d ago

CAMP!! get killstreak... CAMP some more... that's the formula for any CoD game.. everyone already knows this.

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