Assassin's Creed Liberation Review: Good Ideas Squandered on Troubled Play | 1UP

1UP: "Ubisoft brings its historical simulation to Vita, but not without some serious flaws."

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SonyNGP2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

No one commented on its score yet? I'm surprised :/

@beerkeg I never said or implied that it wasn't. But judging from the other reviews and it's comments. It surprised me :V

tiffac0082117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

I think this author main issue is with the entire AC franchise and how nothing has change with AC:L. I'm surprise he even involved religion and the tone of the game with regards to slavery. Very fascinating "take" on a game.

Sanquine902117d ago

1 up is a biased NINTY fanboy site;)

-Gespenst-2117d ago

It's a pretty fair review. Have you read it?

Sanquine902117d ago

Yeah i did, but based my comment on previous games reviewed by this site:) For the information i love sony and ninty. But some reviewers are just subjective. They already have an objective.

DivineAssault 2117d ago

my only complaint is the compressed sound.. I really dont like that it sounds a bit muffled but its still fun so far

oONinjavitiSOo2117d ago

I think this score is a bit low. 6 hours in and I'm having fun with it. Not saying there are not any problems but most seem to be very unimportant problems. For a handheld it's pretty awesome.

YoungPlex2117d ago

That's too bad, I was really hoping that this game was going to push me to get a Vita. There's always Soul Sacrifice...

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