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GameInformer: "Liberation is the first portable entry to feel like a real Assassin’s Creed game – even if it isn’t among the best of them."

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Gamesgbkiller2114d ago

Its a handheld
u don't compare it to the other AC games on console

himdeel2114d ago

These reviews remind me of the ones I saw for Uncharted GA. Comparing it to the most recent version which was Uncharted 3 at the time. I can appreciate any game being reviewed on its own merits but not a comparison piece. Oh well I already bought my version and plan on enjoying it for what it is. ACL on the Vita.

himdeel2113d ago

Well I'm really enjoying AC3 Liberations and Ragnarok, and Need for Speed. This review has some reasonable complaints, and for a first I hope in a series I expect improvements.

Neckbear2114d ago

But the only selling point of the Vita is/was "console-quality games on a handheld".

SonyNGP2114d ago

While I wouldn't say it's the Vita's only selling point, it's one of them, and it's hard not to compare it when this thing is marketed that way.

Irishguy952114d ago


Games will come out that are excellent too, they always do for each respective system. And this game is not one of them. Now...Gravity rush on the other hand...

cpayne932114d ago

Well considering this is released at 40 bucks and the console game is released at 60, you should expect less content.

OhMyGandhi2114d ago

the editor, "it's not quite as high as an 8, but not as low as a 7.5"

I agree with you. It's ridiculous.

rezzah2114d ago

Your logic makes no sense.

Then a 8.5 makes no sense.

KangarooSam2114d ago

Although all I have to compare it to is the original AC until later today when I pick up AC3, AC:L is a pretty decent game, so far. I'll admit it chugs *occasionally* and sometimes being forced into the lady persona gets annoying. Other than that, if you consider it a handheld title it is GREAT.

The Vita is just starting to get games for it, as it's life cycle progresses the graphics will start to get better. You may be thinking it looks like shit. But it's quality shit with a little spit shine. One of the best Vita titles to date, that's for sure. And they're only getting better.

Adva2114d ago

Either give it a 7.7 or a 7.8............
What's with 7.75? Maybe it will be 7.776567 next?

rezzah2114d ago

Because it is the middle of 8.5 and 8, just like how 8.5 is the middle of 7 and 8.

rezzah2114d ago

damn typed in the wrong numbers.

If 7.5 is the middle of 7 and 8, then 7.75 is the middle of 7.5 and 8.

It isn't that hard to understand, it seems like the number system becoming anymore than a .5 is too complex for many.

Round it up people, if it too much for you to comprehend.

beerkeg2114d ago

I know all that, just wondered if you did as both your previous comments were confusing. But obviously you just typed in the wrong numbers.

rezzah2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

My first one up above, 2.1.1, isn't a mistake.

If in his logic a 7.75 makes no sense, then a 7.5 makes no sense. This is because both numbers are the middle of 2 other numbers. 7.75 between 7.5 and 8 = 7.5 between 7 and 8.

I just didn't spell it out every detail before, so I can understand how that comment can be confusing.

The one above with the typos is just a mess, ignore it.

Edited: so many damn typos :(

OhMyGandhi2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

It's not that difficult to understand. Why the specificity of 7.75 instead of 7.5. How about giving it an 8 and calling it a day? It's not that people are idiots, but if a game is not good enough for an 8, then lower it .5, don't go any further as way of "feeling" your way for an accurate score.

vikingland12114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

I would say a 7&3/4 is