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TheHDRoom: "There was a time a few years ago that Brain Training games ruled the handheld market. Seemingly, that time has passed, but maybe not for good. Smart As... is a perfect game for the on-the-go PS Vita player, and getting some brain training never hurt anybody. In fact, everyone should exercise his or her noggin every once in a while. The different games and puzzles are fun and challenging, and the use of the full spectrum of the PS Vita's features makes it unique. Smart As... looks great, and sounds great, thanks to John Cleese and his snarky narration, and best of all, it plays great."

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360ICE2150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

It plays great? The fudge! Have you played this game?

No, really. I have literally no idea how to make the case that some of these games have good control systems. The AR cards are a pain, camera is inpractical and text/number recognition is at times unbelievably awful (Other times it mysteriously works quite well). How much does an 8.5 mean to you? I'm not saying this game is bad, there are some good mini games, and I'm not saying this is objective truth either - just saying that I have no idea how you can rate it that highly.

GribbleGrunger2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

Brain Training got great reviews and lots of people loved it, so why do you you question this score? I know that people like to play down the games that don't meet 'their' AAA criteria in order to continue with the 'Vita has no games' mantra, but at some point that argument is going to give... and I think we're now at that point.

Personal taste has nothing to do with the truth, so no matter how many individuals complain (regardless of whether their 'personal' concerns are legitimate or not), there will always be MORE people that feel happy with their purchase of the Vita and will continue to question the current stance from the mainstream media.

The Vita has got many great games and this is just another option for people who like this type of game. If you don't, that's fine, but don't question the score just because you don't like this type of game, it shows inherent, close minded subjectivity... Well, I'm being kind there because most even minded people will realise exactly what you are doing.

FriedGoat2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

I am buying this game. +John Cleese

360ICE2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

First of all, the Vita has plenty of games, many of them far better than this one. You don't see me complaining about AC: Liberation getting 9/10. Perhaps more importantly I've actually played Smart as... a lot (I haven't played AC, but will soon), and this is my personal opinion regardless or not if that has anything to do with the truth. I don't think anyone really believes that there's an objective truth about the game's quality as a whole, since it largely is a subjective matter, but there are elements that most people see as bad, namely bad controls, and re-using games that came with the Vita for free.

This is not a statement on the Vita, nor do I push the opinion of "the mainstream media", quite to the contrary I reject the position of the mainstream media that every game that has something going for it must receive a really high score.

And I like this kind of game, when did I say anything else? (as of now, I'm actually sitting on top of some of the leaderboards) Again, I'm questioning his score because I simply don't understand how it's 8.5. If someone don't get why I'd give it a 6 (still a good grade) they're free to do the same with me.

And, btw. I don't question Brain Training's score because it came out in 2005/06, and questioning that on a Smart As thread is just weird. I also think that it probably was a better game. (It had Sudoku, yay)

GribbleGrunger2149d ago

It just seemed an odd response in general, to be honest. Your username doesn't help to allay doubt either. But I appreciate good debate and well constructed argument, which your reply was for sure, so sorry for any misunderstanding.